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Bye, Bye Malaria Society Program Summary May 2015

Our society has launched a large experiment aimed at proving that malaria can be eradicated at minimal expense. We have started this experiment in the Christian state of Mizoram, NE India. We are using Artemisia Annua Anamed tea which has been proven to be an effective treatment for all types of malaria.

Mizoram has been divided into four quadrants with a small team heading up each quadrant. A workshop has been held in each quadrant to train people to grow and harvest Artemisia, planting has started in each quadrant, By November, of this year, there should be enough Artemisia tea available to treat everyone in three villages, in each quadrant, as though they have active malaria. This should kill every malaria parasite in the area. The experience gained this year is to be used to expand this experiment to the entire state next year.

In February 2015 we hope to bring Dr. Hirt and a helper to Mizoram to conduct a Natural Healing workshop. The workshop will be conducted in English with translation into Mizo, The aim is to video the entire seminar and make it available throughout Mizoram and beyond via DVD. Our portion foe the expenses of this will amount to $5000.00

Rwanda Artemisa seeding has begun in 5 of the 11 Anglican diocese in Rwanda. One person from each of these 5 diocese has already received training in Burundi. By May 2016 there should be enough artemisia tea available to attempt to eradicate malaria in three villages in each of the 5 diocese.

Next year we hope to conduct a Natural Healing Seminar in Rwanda with students from all 11 diocese. Our portion of the cost for this will be 1600.00. The aim is to eradicate malaria in the original 5 diocese by the end of May 2018 and all of Rwanda one year later.

We now have qualified Natural Healing Seminar leaders available from Uganda (in English) and from Congo (in French) Both are willing to travel – our cost to conducting week long seminars amount to 1400.00 plus transportation. Board and room for students is not included. This will be paid either by the students themselves or others.

These seminars not only teach students how to eradicate malaria, from their areas, but gives them a wealth of knowledge of medicinal plants for treating many diseases, For example Artmeisia Annua Anamed is not only the best treatment for malaria but also has been proven very effective with lymes disease, some types of cancer, AIDS, defeating addictions and much more.

God has lead us into contacts with a number of experts on several progressive agricultural systems. Our mandate for improving agricultural village life is being continually strengthened.

Malaria is said to kill a child every 30 seconds! There are over 250,000,000 cases of malaria per year. The average case keeps the victim away for work for 2 weeks. The drain on the world’s economy is mind boggling.

Our society has speakers who would be pleased to speak any group interested in helping to eradicate this disease.