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Strategic Plan Mizoram:

After meeting with the R&D Committee in South VanLalPhai we can now set a strategic plan for eradicating malaria first in Darzo, (1500) South VanLalPhai (2000)And Muallianpui (800) then prayerfully in all of Mizoram.

Today 16/03/15 we have planted about 150 Artemisia seeds. This was mainly as a demonstration to 10 people. Pu Kuma 881 425 8920 and Pu Zuala 857 558 8072 will be the supervisors. Each of the workers will be given some plants to learn to propagate. These should also give medicine to those getting malaria during the upcoming malaria season which really starts in June.

Two plantings are planned for May – one at the start and one mid-May. Seeds have been left for this and some for Mulempui. The objective is to have 400 mature plants to harvest in November, for South VanLalPhai, 1000 for Mulempui. We plan to have a similar training in Darzo tomorrow.

Shortly after the seeds are planted in May it is time to prepared the ground for the 400 plants. They should be 1 meter apart and a hole about 70x70x70cm should be dug for each. It should be at least one third filled with leaves tramped down and then almost filled with good top soil – mixture on clay pounded fine, sand and well rotted manure. If done well before it is needed manure can be fresh but well mixed with soil.

If this could be boiled it will kill all weed seeds, if not you will have to take out the weeds as they germinate


May would also be a good time to select 3 men and three women to spearhead the whole project. They should monitor the plantings but most important by talking to all church and village leaders to develop the best strategy to make sure every community member participates in the artemisia treatment in November.

The plan is to do some propagating partially for experience and the get extra tea toward the big push next year. Pu Kuma is well experienced in harvesting and drying tea and is studying the artemisia sheet and the Natural Health book. We are confident that he will be able to train volunteers.

We will also be doing the same short training sessions in Lunglei and with two groups near Aizawl. 2015 will primarily be a time to gain experience and produce some tea both for immediate cure and to beginning to have a supply for late 2016.

A date will be set shortly for a Bye, Bye Malaria week in late November. That week every adult member should drink 4 cups of artemisia tea a day with smaller doses for children. See the pamphlet Malaria Stops Malaria for dosages. The to be sure every malaria parasite is dead the doses should drop to one cup a day for the next three weeks and then to one cup a week for eleven more months.

2016 Hopefully there will be a stock of artemisia plants through propagation toward growing the 200,000 plants needed to treat everyone in Mizoram, by the end of November, This is a big job and will need massive cooperation of resources to bring the grand dream to reality.

Our hope is to have Dr. Martin Hirt and a couple of trained helpers. , come to run a week long seminar in each North and South Mizoram, in the month of February. We will want a farmer and a natural medicine healer from each of the 40 electoral districts to attend these seminars. Dr Hirt is probably the world’s number 1 expert one using Artemisia Anua Anamed to stop Malaria.

There will be a separate paper giving the details of these possible seminars later.

Provided the experiment in the three villages will have been 100% successful this year, in 2016 we can build on that success and eradicate malaria from all of Mizoram by late November 2016.

The details of how this is done will be worked out later but here are some basic steps needed in planning.

If we divide Mizoram into 4 sections each covering 10 electoral districts with a small team coordinating each section. This has been started with one section being headed up by Pu Zuala in South VanLalPhai, one by PuDonga in Lunglei, One by Somte Hmar of Aizawl College and one by of Cedar.

During early 2016, or before, they should in contact with State Leaders, district leaders, village leaders and church leaders to keep them informed of progress and future plans. Also to advertise and seek candidates for the proposed seminars.

Through propagation and /or new seeding it will be necessary for each of the four sections to have at least 1000 healthy artemisia plants, about three months old, by early May. During early May the average of 50 cutting should be taken from each of the 4000 plants bringing the total to 200,000 plants which will be needed to treat everyone in Mizoram. Decisions will have to be made in January whether these 200,000 plants are to be grown in large plots or widely dispersed into villages. Either way by the end of June 200,000 sites have to be prepared so that Mizoram’s 1,000,000 people can all be treated starting before the end of November.

Many people will be needed to prepare the planting places and for harvest but this is something that can be easily learned and there are very many underemployed people in Mizoram so it is complete feasible.

There is still much to do but with God’s help the foundation is in place!