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Zo Clinics

Malaria is wide spread throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and there are many other problems plaguing this great continent. The most our small society can hope to accomplish is some experiments to eliminate malaria from communities and to help create a model village as an example. Hopefully others will copy and improve on our efforts and make a real long term difference.

We will be concentrating on encouraging and in some cases financing groups of villages to copy the experiments we have initiated in Darzo. We will be reporting on the progress of these experiments through this website.

We will be encouraging and in some cases subsidizing groups on villages to obtain Artrmisia starter kits, publications and attend Natural Health seminars. (see

Another website has a wealth of information on improving all aspects of village life.

We will be contacting groups such as Rotary in all malaria prone countries and encouraging them to utilize their nerworks to promote practical ways of defeating malaria.

We are continuing to work with African Enterprise and on finding other networks concerned with improving village life.

We pray that others catch the vision and do all in their power to make this world a better place.

Will you partner with us?