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Experiment to improve village Life


Dawnga with artemisia

Drying tea

Somte teaches the Darzo ladies

Stuart with village "car" in Darzo

Maawmi with tea grower

Stuart with Joseph in Darzp schoo t-shirt

A worldwide problem is the constant movement of populations from farms and rural village to overcrowded urban centers. The world is fed by farmers but few want to be those farmers.

Our society is working with the village of Darzo to try to reverse this migration to the cities. We call it. “Back to the Future”

Before contact with the west every Mizo village supported, a healer, a blacksmith and a town crier. The following is an experiment where we plan to re-introduce these same skills into the village of Darzo. Hopefully this model will be copied in other Mizo villages and the concept will spread around the world.

The modern equivalent to the healer is a medical technician. Darzo already has a dedicated and competent ZoClinic technician. The experiment is designed to upgrade his skills through courses offered in Jamkhed (see and Ranchi (see

Darzo and many Mizo villages have a speaker system which broadcasts items of local interest. The aim is to enhance this by having a local go to Aizawl to become an internet and media specialist.

Another young person will be taught blacksmithing and small engine mechanics.

The following experiment will address this plus a number of other issues to greatly improve life in Darzo.