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Artemisia Annua Anamed (A-3)
Summary of attributes of this miracle plant.

Safe – No serious side effects from the millions of treatments.
Nobel Prize – Dr, Youyou Too was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize for the discovery of Artemisinin, which is the strongest of the 10 anti-malarial chemicals found in Artemisia A-3
Cost effective – Extremely inexpensive – free if you grow your own.  If your climate is such that you can grow corn and garlic, artemisia will flourish.  It needs about 160 days frost free to reach complete maturity but can be harvested earlier
Malaria – Artemisia A-3 has been well over 90% effective in both treating and preventing malaria.  An experiment is now underway to prove that this plant can be used to completely eradicate malaria.  You can follow this experiment of
Cancer – When cancer patients are treated with Artemisia A-3 tea, 1/3 report dramatic improvement, 1/3 moderate improvement while the remaining 1/3 report no improvement..  Cancer markers will indicate the trend within 2 weeks.  As costs are very low and side effects minimal. It  is worth a try!  With both cancer and AIDS results are better when Artemisia A-3 is combined with Moringa. 
AIDS – Almost all AIDS patients treated with Artemisia have reported improvement in health and many are living normal lives, with no symptoms, as long as they keep drinking artemisia A-3 tea,
Asthma – A hospital in Ethiopia reports that almost 100% patients suffering an asthma attack were significantly helped.  A very small scale experiment in North Vancouver, Canada indicates the same results.
General – As Artemisia A-3 contains several chemicals which build up the body’s own immune system it is being used to treat many problems such as the flu, the common cold and various infections.  It is a truly remarkable plant which until now has been almost unknown in North America.  China has used the wild variety (Artemisia Annua) for over 2000 years while the rest of Asia, Europe and Africa have discovered it’s potential over the last two decades.  This plant has the potential of relieving a tremendous amount of suffering, while saving the world’s health systems billion of dollars.  We can all do our part in making this dream and reality,