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Artemisia Annua Anamed (A-3)

This plant has probably already saved more lives than any other herb.

Pills containing Artemisinin, derived from this plant, or tea made directly from its leaves have successfully treated millions of people suffering from malaria. There have been no serious side effects reported in these millions of treatments!

In 2015 Dr. Youyou Tu received a Nobel Prize for her work in the discovery of the chemical Artemisinin, which this plant produces.

However the process of extracting the Artemisinin from the plant is expensive and environmentally unfriendly.  One plant is needed to make enough pills to treat one patient.  However when leaves are used as tea, one plant treats between 5 and 10 patients.

While Artemisinin is the most powerful anti-malarial chemical found in artemisia annua, there are another 9 anti-malarial chemicals in this miracle plant.  Therefore, it seems there is no way for malaria parasites to become resistant to it.

A special hybrid of the plant, named Artemisia A-3, can be grown anywhere in the world where there is malaria.  If the climate is such that it is not too hot to grow corn, nor too cold to grow garlic, artemisia A-3 will thrive.   The one exception is that it will not tolerate salt water or salt air so it can’t be grown next to the sea.

American Scientist Dr. James Duke has discovered a total of 245 chemicals in this remarkable plant and that these chemicals can produce 495 activities which are beneficial to the human body.

For example there are 12 chemicals all helpful in treating cancer. A total of 52 anti-tumor activities are performed by these 12 chemicals, without serious side effects.

Many other diseases have been successfully treated with Artemisia A3; AIDS, arthritis, asthma, bladder infection, epilepsy, hemorrhoids, Parkinson’s are some examples.  More details are available on

Just consider all this, with no serious side effects and at an extremely low cost – free if you grow your own!

A large scale experiment is under way in Mizoram, NE India.  The aim is to virtually eradicate malaria and substantially reduce the costs of effectively treating a number of other diseases.  You can follow this project on

Our hope is many others will undertake similar experiments.

As natural herbs cannot be patented, nobody has conducted double-blind tests to prove the value of artemisia tea so we are relying on grass-roots observations.   However, the chemical artemisinin has been patented for treatment of malaria, cancer and AIDS and in all three diseases similar, or often better, results have been observed when artemisia tea has been used, rather than the expensive pills.

Malaria – In the Congo thousands of malaria patients have been treated with artemisia tea and over 94% were relieved of all symptoms within 4 days.  It has also proved effective for the prevention of malaria.

Cancer – Artemisia A-3 tea is being used in Germany and elsewhere to treat many cancer victims.  About 1/3 of the people treated are helped dramatically, 1/3 moderately and 1/3 have found no help at all.  What has been observed is that either the cancer markers improve within the first 10 to 15 days, or it won’t help. When used with chemotherapy the devastating side effects of chemo are often considerably lessened and with radiation it is found that less radiation is needed.  In many cases the cancer has gone into remission and has been held there simply by drinking artemisia A-3 tea regularly.

AIDS – Artemisia A-3 tea, often with moringa leaves added, has greatly improved the health of many AIDS patients.  A group of 18 advanced AIDS patients in Tanzania found that within a month of regularly drinking artemisia A-3 tea all had gained weight and their overall health had improved dramatically. Many AIDS patients are experiencing long term good health simply by continuing to drink artemisia A-3 tea.

Asthma- A hospital in Ethiopia has found that almost 100% of their asthma patients have had their asthma attacks stopped by drinking artemisia A-3 tea.

Immune system-  Artemisia A-3 contains several chemicals which support the body’s own immune system. A group in Mizoram is using it to treat many diseases, with much success. Everything from common colds, sore throats to insect bites and more have been successfully treated.

This report is being sent to health departments, service clubs and NGOs in 54 malaria prone countries, with an offer from Anamed International and Bye, Bye Malaria Society to supply #104 Malaria A-3 starter kits, free of charge (one kit for each National Health Ministry, plus one for a Christian National council).  We expect only that the agency will conduct a fairly major experiment in their country and supply a list of results to Anamed.  To apply for your free starter kit e-mail Dr. Martin Hirt, president of Anamed at

We have received reports from 83 partners in 20 countries; most of the questionnaires were replied from partners in Cameroon (24), Kenya (11) and Uganda (8) that they have treated over 34,000 malaria patients with a success rate of nearing 100%.  It is our hope and expectation that anyone experimenting with artemisia A-3 tea will find malaria has been defeated and that many other diseases have been effectively treated, with great savings both in cash and suffering.

The #104 natural healing starter kit contains 5000 artemisia A-3 seeds with instructions, on how to grow, propagate, harvest and use this remarkable herb, plus more information on natural healing and ways of improving village life.  The only cost on your part is labour and soil.  The potential benefits are priceless!!

One idea for an experiment – treat everyone in one village and one city hospital over a six month period and then compare the results with nearby villages and hospitals.  If this proves successful duplicate the experiment throughout your country.   Up to 1000 plants can be propagated from a single artemisia A-3 plant within 6 months.


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President  Bye, Bye Malaria Society