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Bye, Bye, Malaria Society Report  Oct  2016

Current Project   Mizoram 
In March our society hired Dr. Martin  Hirt founder of  Anamed Germany ( to lead a 6 day seminar on natural healing to 29 students, including myself.  25 of these students were from Mizoram, the other three were from other states in North East India.

The students and many others are now growing a number of healing herbs and have already helped to drop the death rate from malaria, AIDs and Cancer in Mizoram.  They are now gearing up for a major push with the aim of reducing malaria by atleast 90%, cancer by 20% and AIDs by 30% by February 2018.  This will take the cooperation and dedication from the government, the churches and hospitals. Plus a lot of hard work by many farmers.

The total cost of this was $5000.00 Canadian,  $3700,00 has been raised to date, leaving  $1300.00 outstanding.

Proposed project   Northern Uganda  
There is a refugee camp, of over 5000 and growing, in Northern Uganda, as people flee  from war-torn South Sudan.  Christopher Nyakuni has approached us to provide funds to conduct a 6 day natural healing and nutrition seminar in this camp.  Chris has been trained and recommended by Dr. Hirt . 2 years ago we funded Chris to teach a similar training seminar, for several villages in Northern Ugandan,  The results of this program have been excellent, reducing both the incidences of malaria and malaria deaths to close to zero in a number of villages.

Project cost to be raised $1560.00  US

 I am now in the process of harvesting a good crop of Artemisia A3 from my garden and hope to find an oncologist and an AIDs specialist willing to conduct experiments on  both cancer and AIDs.  To our knowledge this will be the first in North America.  It has proven successful in Germany, Africa and India.

I spent time with Arch Bishop Kolini, from Rwanda, during the Anglican Mission in Canada summit in Port Alberni and have now submitted a proposal to conduct an experiment, in Rwanda, similar to the one in Mizoram. .

Provided my health remains good I plan to go back to Mizoram, in September of 2017.  I will be 85 by then so this will probably be my last trip.  I would love to introduce others to the most Christian community on earth.  Well over 80% of the entire population attends church atleast once a week and Mizoram is the only place on earth where there is  no homelessness, no starvation and no beggars.  This will be an enjoyable adventure.

Submitted by:  Stuart Spani  President Bye, Bye Malaria Society
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