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If I found I had cancer by Stuart Spani
604 988 4996

In the past few days two friends approached me enquiring about obtaining Artemisia A3
for a friend with cancer.  This has got me to thinking what would I do if I found I had cancer.  After much thought and prayer this is what I came up with.

I would go to a health food store and pick up Fluorescence a herbal product modified by the Banting and Best Laboratories from Esiac,  A few years ago I was approached to do a video on Fluorescence and talked to a number of people who claimed to be cured of what they had been told they had terminal cancer.  One of these was an aunt who had brain cancer – she died 10 years later from an auto accidence,  The video was never made as the fellow who approached me lost interest.  What both Fluorescence and Esiac  both claim is that it detoxifies the body and builds the immune system.   For what it is worth I often take Fluorescence for a week before leaving on a trip to India or Africa and have had almost no problems.

After that week I would make tea of Artemisia A3 and moringa 4 times a day for the first 10 days.  I can supply dried artemisia A3 while moringa is available from or other sites on the internet.  This combination has been used very successfully in both Germany and Africa, for both AIDs and cancer.  After the first 10 days I would have my cancer markers checked and if they are dropping would cut the dosage in half and keep watching them.  If there was no change forget this treatment and rely on western medicine.

I would also be diligent to take the tonic I have used most of the time for the past five years.  Recipe for two weeks tonic.  I freeze it in ice cubes and use one per day in a glass of water.

1 whole garlic  1 whole lemon ½ cup of honey ½ cup apple cider vinegar I teaspoon turmeric ½ teaspoon ginger powder ¼ teaspoon cayenne powder being diabetic I also add 1 teaspoon cinnamon 

Put it into a blender till a mush and freeze.  Spend some time of the internet and you will find that this is a potent combination.  I believe this tonic is part of the reason that at 84 I can still do a 10K run in well under an hour. I do this every Thursday, Also I never get either the flu shot or flu, coincidence?

A friend who was told by his doctor that his kidneys were in terrible shape and that he could except to go down hill very rapidly.  He used this formula, substituting the honey for Guava juice.  2 months later his kidneys tested perfect.  His doctor said he had never seen anything like it.

I would also eat lots of garlic – Ukrainian penicillin – lots of vegetables especially the cabbage family which is loaded with anti cancer chemicals.

If all this failed I would make sure I had no unconfessed sins and prepare to meet my Maker.

Stuart Spani 604 988 4996