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ZoClinics - Moving on.

First a bit of history. The circumstances which eventually triggered the formation of Bye. Bye Malaria Society and itís effort to rid the world of malaria is an example of Romanís 8:28/ ďAll things work to the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

Dawnga, who was raised in Darzo, was out Mizoram attending university when his father died of malaria and his mother suffered a bad case of malaria. Dawnga had to quit university and come home to care for his mother.

To fight this disease, which had robbed him of his father and education, Dawnga convinced a doctor from Lunglei to run malaria clinics in Darzo and a number of nearby villages. This cut the numbers of malaria cases over the next 2 years then the doctor moved to another city and Dawnga could not find another doctor willing to take over. That year 9 people from Darzo died of malaria and Dawnga decided something different was needed.

He took a young man, still in his teens, to Lunglei for three days to learn to use a microscope to diagnose malaria and supplied medicine for early treatment. NO ONE FROM DARZO HAS DIED FROM MALARIA SINCE. Several nearby villages heard of this success and one by one Dawnga helped them establish these simple clinics.

These early successes prompted the Baptist Church to hire Dawnga to head up a new department call Relief and Development to open more clinics and find other ways to improve village life. By the time Stuart Spani, the president of Bye, Bye Malaria Society met Dawnga 25 ZoClinics were in operation.

Tim Morgan from Toronto and Stuart learned of the success at the same time and together with a group from Australia helped open more ZoClinics. As the number of ZoClinics in Mizoram neared a hundred Stuart decided to attempt to take the idea worldwide. In March of 2013 he made a exploratory visits to 6 countries in Africa and managed to raise enough money buy equipment for a total of 75 clinics in 4 countries.

Stuart approached several friends and Bye, Bye Malaria Society was formed. In the meantime Stuart found Anamed on the internet and read with interest the work they were doing in much of Africa particularly using Artemisa both as a preventative and a cure for malaria. Recent experiments by Anamed and a Chinese drug company convinced Stuart that it is possible to completely eliminate malaria from entire areas.

Stuart made a trip to Mizoram in April 2014 determined to set up an experiment in Darzo to prove the theory. He was thinking of Darzo only but it seems God had bigger plans. The experiment is now being expanded to the whole of Mizoram and now also in twenty villages in Uganda, with many other places expressing interest.

At least for the next while Bye, Bye Malaria Society has decided to concentrate on expanded the malaria elimination program by encouraging rapid expansion of the Drazo experiment. We are a small society and encourage others to do the same experiment. In the meantime as funds become available we will help villages obtain Artemisia seeds or plants and subsidize individuals to attach the Natural Health Seminars offered by Anamed. (see

Every village would benefit from simple health clinics and other needed services. Feel free to copy or improve some of the ideas on Improving Village Life.