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The Experiment

Experience in many countries has proven Artemisia tea is highly effective in both curing and preventing malaria. Now is the time to find out if the malaria parasites can be completely eliminated in entire communities or groups of communities. If this is the case malaria can be eliminated worldwide at very little cost.

Starting in Darzo, Mizoram, this is the method we hope will eliminate malaria. Even if our assumptions are wrong it will certainly reduce the amount of malaria very substantially. The cost are minimal, the rewards are more than worth the effort and organization needed.

First you needed to propagate, grow and dry enough Artemisia Annua to treat everyone in the community. See Aretmisia Instructions. We recommend everyone drinks 4 cups to tea per day for one week, then 1 cup a day for another month, finally one cup a week for the next eleven months. It will take about 1.25 plants per person to accomplish this.

To be absolutely sure that this treatment does not produce Artemisia resistant malaria parasites if any people do contact malaria during the treatment period they will be quarantined, under a mosquito net and treated with another medication until the malaria is gone.

To get started you will need a starter kit from you get 5000 seeds these could be started and then shared with surrounding communities. We also recommend Anamed publications especially Natural Medicine in the Tropics. The Natural Healing Seminars hosted be Anamed will revolutionize the health of the communities. All are very worthwhile.

You will see in the Artemisia Instructions Artemisia is also grown from cuttings so the second way to get started is obtaining cuttings, plants from someone already growing Artemisia. We encourage anyone growing Artemisia to share plants and knowledge.

By October 2014 there should be enough Artemisia grown in the Darzo area to treat all of the1500 residents. It take about 1.25 mature plants to treat a person.

Our aim in Mizoram is over the next year to eighteen months is to be able to treat the 700+ villages in Mizoram and drive malaria out of the entire state. As almost everyone in Mizoram goes to church the plan is to distribute the tea through the church.

The method is simple but work and organization intensive. But imagine the reward of living without fear of malaria!

If communities and individuals are willing to share knowledge and plants to propagate our hope is malaria can be defeated almost for free.