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Bye, Bye Malaria Society

We have formed a new society, Bye, Bye Malaria Society. Incorporation number: S-0061783.
The purposes of the society are:
To promote and aid cost effective ways to eliminate malaria deaths in malaria prone villages primarily through supplying equipment to establish village "ZoClinincs". We will continue to research and promote the most cost effective medicines for the prevention and cure of malaria. We will also explore and promote other venues of improving life in rural villages.

When a few Christians formed Bye, Bye Malaria Society the dream was to eliminate malaria deaths through inexpensive ZoClincs. These clinics have successfully achieved this in 160 villages. Now the success of the herb Artemisia has allowed us to dare to dream that malaria itself can be eliminated even more inexpensively. Artemisia can be grown any place where both corn (maize) and garlic thrive. This is almost all of the malaria prone regions of the world. It contains artemisine, WHO says is the best chemical known to combat malaria, plus another 10 other chemicals which have anti=malarial properties. A tea made from artemisia leaves is a powerful tool to defeat malaria.

Bye, Bye Malaria Society is now conducting experiments in both India and Africa which we believe will completely eliminate malaria community by community. The costs are minimal and no matter the size of the community enough artemisia can be grown o treat the community within a year. Our prayer is many communities and agencies will initiate the same experiments our society is initiating and the name of this web-site will become a worldwide truth. Please pray with us that this dream will become a reality and malaria will become a a disease of he past as small pox has become.

To eliminate malaria completely in your community, we suggest you grow enough artemsia to treat everyone in the community and as though they have malaria (one cup of teat, four times a day for one week) followed by one cup a day for one month, then one cup a week for eleven months. Follow the instructions on this flyer.

Some cost effective projects worth pursuing