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The Team

A team of four from outside Darzo spent two days meeting with the Darzo R&D group, with members of the Darzo council and many of the people of Darzo. The members of the visiting team were.

Stuart Spani (Sap Putara) from Canada. Stuart has been happily married for 62 years, has three children (a boy and two girls), 6 grown grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren, though this will be four at any moment.
At 82 years old, Stuart is making his 11th visit to Mizoram and his 3rd visit to Darzo. Stuart is the founding president of the Bye, Bye Malaria Society located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Over the last 18 years Stuart has visited Africa four times, Israel five times, India eleven times and Thailand once. He has a passion to better the lives of farmers and the society which he has formed is dedicated to this. While it concentrates on the treatment and prevention of malaria it also looks for practical ways of improving rural areas.
Stuart's grandson Kyle is studying for a PHD in Mizo history, He and his wife Lindy are spending several months in Aizawl studying archives and interviewing Mizo scholars. Kyle's Mizo name is Sap Sanga and when you see him you will know why.
Stuart Spani 1858 Beaulynn Pl. North Vancouver BC Canada V7J 2T1
1604 988 4996

Malsawmdongliana – manager of Relief and Development Baptist Church headquartered in Serkawn, Lunglei,Mizoram, NE India.
Dawnga is a very dedicated Christian whose life reflects Matthew 25: in many, many ways he serves “the least of these. Dawnga is married, and has four sons aged from 12 to 20, who are all following their father's footsteps and serving the greater community.
Dawnga introduced SALT farming to Mizoram and now thousands of farmers have adapted to this method of sustainable farming. This is what can bring real prosperity to the state. Under R&D, almost 100 ZoClinics are operating in Mizoram and the Bye, Bye Malaria Society has now introduced ZoClinics to Africa and already 60 villages have ZoClinics in operation.
Dawnga is involved in other projects, always improving the lives of those in need. A great example is the Lydia Project, which organizing self-help, mainly women's groups, to start businesses through micro loans to marginalized women.
Dawnga's work has reached beyond Mizoram. He traveled to SE India to help with the crisis caused by the Christmas Tsunami which devastated so much of SE Asia's coastline. Recently he has traveled to both Thailand and Burma promoting both SALT farming and malaria control.
Pu Dawnga R&D Baptist Church Serkawn, Lunglei, Mizoram, India

P.C Lalawmpuii (Maawmi) Manager of Cdar food processing plant.
Maawmi is recently married and is praying for a son.
Maawmi spent several years outside of Mizoram where she rose to a high position in Operation Mobilization. God called her back to Mizoram to find ways of helping the Mizo farmers. She is the manager of Cdar which operates a large food processing plant specializing in powered ginger and turmeric, with worldwide exports. . She has been responsible for certifying thousands of Mizo farmers as organic.
We believe Cdar will be a major player in introducing artemisia thoughout Mizoram and fulfilling the dream of completely eradicating malaria in Mizoram. Mizoram will be a shining example for the world.
Maawmi and her team now plan to work closely with farmers from Darzo and surrounding villages to become certified as organic. As Darzo produces an excellent black tea which should find a lucrative overseas and local market.
P.C Lalawmpuii VP 20 Zembauk Venglai Aizawl Mizoram 796017 India e-mail 09436351265

Somte Hmar, Lecturer Govt. Aizawl College. Somte is widowed with one grown girl.
Besides her work with the college, Somte is known for her help throughout Mizoram with almost anyone with problems. She has particularly excelled in helping people with heart problems and many Mizos are alive today because of her ministry. Somte demonstrated her counseling skills during this brief visit to Darzo and is now working with the Aizawl Government College to make Darzo a college project