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Testimonials from our employees worldwide
Our email writers become "collaborators," "scientific researchers" through their feedback on our various medicinal plants ... thanks! Because personal experiences are - beside laboratory results - an important source of knowledge about application and effectiveness of herbs. You too can leave your testimonials here; Just send an email to anamedhmh (at) Your reports will be published - of course anonymously. Write us what was good, and what was bad, we publish both! We report isolated cases in which the effects indicated were attributed to the ingestion or inclusion of A-3. The reported improvements may or may not occur in each individual case! Legal notice: We do not embrace these testimonials and always recommend the advice of an experienced therapist.


A 1 general remarks 2 asthma 3 alcohol dependency 4AIDS 5Allergies
B 1 Borreliosis 2 Bilharzia 3Blood inflammation (inflammation of the bladder)
C 1 Chikungunya 2 Candida 3 Cataract 4 Chlamydia 5 Chagas
D 1 diabetes 2 bowel diseases, 3 diarrhea 4 dengue
E 1 Infusions / Inflammations 2Eyes / Eye Problems 3 EBV Infection 4 Weanings
F 1 filaria 2 furunculosis
G 1 Gastritis / stomach 2-rib and colds
H 1 skin problems / skin problems 2 herpes zoster, Shingles 3 HP virus
I 1 infertility / sterility 2 incontinence
K 1 climacteric 2 children's desire
L 1 Leihmaniosis 2 Lupus
M 1 malaria prevention / prophylaxis 2 malaria therapy 3 menstruation 4 MS
Macular degeneration see E-2, 5 Measles
N 1 Negative experiences, Agriculture 2 Neg. experiences, medicinal effect
P 1 Parkinson 2 Pfeiffer glandular fever
R 1 Rheumatic diseases.
S 1 Salbe / uses of the ointment
T 1 tumors and precursors / different tumors
B = Breast / Bl = Bladder / Bo = Bowel = Intestinal / Bon = Bone, Bone / Br = Brain, Brain / D = Dysplasia / Le = Leucaemia / Lu = Lung / Pa = Pancreas / Pr = Prostate / Re = Rectum / S = skin / T = Tongue

2 toxoplasmosis
V 1 Veterinary and agriculture
W 1 Wounds
Z 1 other plants / other plants 2 Moringa

Dysplasia: deviation of the tissue structure, severe forms may be precursors of a malignant tumor.

A-1 Rev. Reinhold Gestrich, Ulm, reports on his visit to anamed Kamerun in Bamenda on 8 September 2009: "2 black women stood out, Sister Ann, the soul of everything, and the" orphan "Geraldine who is now even a doctor. Indescribable. I have seen the meaning of natural medicine, in this country where practically nobody has money. Most people in the capital Yaoundé probably earn about 1.50 euros per day, and nothing develops except the masses of poor people. I am so happy to have made this trip!

A-1: KS writes, 31st of August, 2010 Hello Mr. Hirt, you wanted a feedback what your great Artemisia tea can do to my friends and administrators: 
Especially for older men, who usually drink little or no tea, the tea helps to improve the overall wellbeing, partly you can breathe better, have less headache, generally feel better. So these men no longer do without the tea want !!When I drink the tea I feel, 40 years old, me more efficient, my rash on the arm disappears, but comes after settling of the tea after two days wieder.But even older women drink the tea regularly and have at the annual "Tüv" at your doctor usually very good Blutwerte.Finde more people to whom I can give a little more quality of life with this tea and I am of course happy if I can support your great work in the malaria areas !!
A-1 Today a patient, who is very ill but also very sensitive, has told me that she feels a lot of light in the body when she has the plant in her hand, and also during tea. I brought her a cutting. She will now take the tea and apply the ointment. She has severe borreliosis, and fibromyalgia. Greetings Agnes Ziegelmayer 

A-1 2009: Akuma from anamed Ad / Nordostcongo writes: We have now welcomed the refugees from the Haut-Uélé region into our area. We give you information about natural medicine. They help their patients before and during their hospital stay. In many cases this has improved their health. These destitute refugees are a big challenge to our poor hospital, but even without payment we are constantly trying to provide them with medical care in our hospital. We have decided to hold a session on natural medicine once a week for them; This improves their health and at the same time protects the finances of the hospital

A-2 Suzanne Groce" schrieb am Mo, 9.8.2010 aus Äthiopien:All of this came out of our finding that nearly 100 percent of those we have treated with Artemisia tea both breathing the steam and drinking the tea have found complete relief from their asthma symptoms.  We are amazed at this and wonder why it has never been discovered before.  (I say nearly 100% because one of those trying this had a severe allergic reaction and had to stop taking the treatment

A-2 anamed-Congo Bandundu writes on 5.5.2011: Warriors have successfully used artemisia leaves against asthma by smoking dried leaves as a cigarette .

A-3 9.11.09: Merlin Willcox: writes from his anamed trip in Kenya: ---Rosalia’s brother used Aa tea to detox from alcohol. He was a heavy drinker and developed diarrhoea. He took Aa tea for this and started vomiting. However since then (for 4 months) he has not had any more alcohol to drink.

A-4 Sr. Rebecca , Kenya, writes 5.12.09: My I  say A3 is doing excellent job to HIV positive persons. 2 have now tested negative but they still continue taking their A3 and ARVS. 
Just to let you know that I am visiting Kibera slum once per week. I am giving them Moringa and Amaranth flour. I have also made A-3 Ointment and neem soap for them. Thank you for the Moringa flour;  it is helping a lot.

A-4 Cameroon: Sister Anne from the "the healing garden" project (anamed Cameroon) came to an AIDS- ill woman whose small child was already infected and also suffered from leukemia. Without hope, the doctors wanted to let the child die. The woman died. Sister Ann took the child and gave him artemisiatee. After a short time, the leukemia disappeared, the immune deficiency no longer noticeable. In front of us today is a fun-loving, well-nourished little lady who regularly takes ARV tablets and artemisiatee. (ARV = antiretroviral drugs)
A-4The employee of an Austrian NGO reports: In the first week of March 2010 was in Malya / Tanzania An anamed seminar exclusively for HIV / AIDS patients. It was a 20-member group, the complete material for the production of ointments and teas available. All have Artemisia plantlets after the seminar, as well as ready for the preparation of tea prepackaged Artemisia get home. After a month there was the first meeting. The participants were ALL in much better shape , gained weight and in some cases resumed their work. The enthusiasm is huge!
A-4Ethiopia: Missionary BG: I have seen incredible things, I would hardly believe it. Two people who are HIV positive had paralysis on one side of the body and could only walk with difficulty. After a month of high-dose Artemisiatee, both can walk easily and also use their arm again. The one patient is a boy - he walks every morning now and radiates every time, because for the first time he feels strong and as a man. Likewise, BG recently talked about a group of women she met again after several months.
A-4beatrice gill <> wrote on Fri, 2.10.2009: 
Still to my stay in Lalibela, Ethiopia later this year. I did not recognize some women again. In the previous year, they were weak and ill and now, after drinking daily Artemisiatee, they have become strong mountain women. (All are HIV positive) 
A woman also told me that her asthma is gone, only drink from artemisiatee. The young man, HIV positive, who had a half-sided paralysis, continues to do running and strength training. He took his life back in hand and found a job with a church. I have also introduced Artemisiatee to Gurage and Woleita at Catholic mission stations, and believe that the nuns look good for it. I will pass by next time. Also in Woldija, the next bigger city, about a day's journey from Lalibela away, now Artemisia is grown and also treated people who are HIV positive.

A-4 K. L. schreibt im Jahresbericht 2009: I was in Kenya recently. There I met many HIV positive people who had been bed-ridden with AIDS, but now because of artemisia tea and moringa leaf powder, they are strong again. According to the standard test, some even tested negative! We have seen that also by anamed groups in Cameroun( Rev. Joseph, Bamenda) and in Tanzania (Dr. Peter Feleshi), but never in Europe. This may be due to the fact of hunger and stress in Africa, as it is said in this video! Anyway, the most important thing is that they were once again enjoying good health. Some of them are so grateful that they now run self-help groups for other HIV positive people, and are teaching them about strengthening their  immune system and importance of good nutrition.

A-4 Mr. Konda de Anamed Kinshasa writes on ... .5.2011: An interesting experience of AIDS treatment by a Congolese woman residing in Angola: Herbal tea A3 + Phyllanthus niruri + Moringa herbal tea, many Angolan patients have seen their situation improve significantly thanks to this association! It would even appear that an Angolan minister has successfully followed this treatment and paid a lot of money to this woman!

A-4 REAP in Kenya writes  (10.5.2011):Artemisia is excellent for treating malaria, but it seems to be even more useful as an immune booster and when used in this way it also acts as a prophylactic.  By helping the body fight its own battles, Artemisia together with Roselle and Moringa is an amazing way of maintaining health rather than treating disease.  We are starting to talk about the Triple ARM (Artemisia, Roselle and Moringa)
A-4  Elke M. schreibt am 2.3.12 per email aus einer Toyota Firma: I am an avid consumer of moringa which I grow in my garden and use both the shade dried leaves and pod seeds for consumption. We have a few hiv positive patients in the company I work for who are on the ARV treatment programme, and currently one has been combining it with moringa leaf powder ( 2 tsps) daily for the past 2 weeks, and feels, as with all of us are supplementing moringa in our diets, much more energised, better mood, calmness, improved concentration, improvement in the skin tone, and especially notable is the ability to put more strain on the physical body without adverse pain ( which is great for athletes or people in general who suffer from all sorts of auto immune diseases including cancer and R A) people who are prone to becoming tired very easily and suffer from severe pain as a result of excessive or even slightly excessive exertion … one experiences general overall wellbeing and as a result for those of us who use it, we cant talk enough about it. In the next week I plan on making some oil with the seeds and experimenting on its efficacy for muscle pain ( message therapy) as well as blemishes and other skin disorders such as rashes etc... I expect that in the next month or so the person taking the combined ARV and moringa powder will be able to do a blood test to determine any changes in CD4 count.  I will certainly pray for a successful outcome.   

A-4 Die einheimische anamed-Mitarbeiterin A. M. schreibt aus Uganda: (Quelle : Wilhelm F. 3/2011)
- We have helped many HIV+ patients who had low immunity but their test results show that their CD4 counts are very high .One little girl of 5 years was born HIV+ and was supposed to be on ARV but the doctor have refused to put her on ARV because her CD4 count is very high and the doctor have advised us to continue giving her the Artemisia tea.

A-4 Patrick Engeu, Uganda, schreibt (Oktober 2013): However WHO should also note that Aa  use is no longer a private matter and its use is already spreading like wild fire in Uganda and other African countries and in another five years or so most people in Uganda will have access to it. just last week  we had a workshop in Northern Uganda where the District Chairman ( District Governor) organised training for more than 50 health officials in his district of Oyam near Apac district ( a district with highest incidence of malaria in the world). The workshop was on Artemisia annua which he is growing on large scale and giving to the population to treat various diseases including malaria, diabetes, HIV , cancers. I have video documentary of an HIV former soldier who had been taken back home from hospital expected to die however the Chairman put him on Aa treatment and now he is the story of the district and  on Artemisia annua miracles. The cancer patient is no ordinary person, she is the District Police Commander  diagonsed with cancer and who by then was had lost more than 30% of her body weight,  vommitting blood and passing blood  but Chairman put her on high dose Artemisia annua powder and she herself was present to give her own testimony. So Aa is nolonger just for malaria in Uganda but other diseases. Interestingly these two patients did not take it as tea but as whole powder …
A-5: Comment by HMHirt about allergies: As far as I can see, Artemisiatee rarely helps with hay fever. However, where cortisone is used, it can often replace this cortisone and so therapy has far fewer side effects ... .but read for yourself:
A-5 RR from W writes on 21.8.13: We have finely ground the dried leaves in an electric coffee grinder and filled them in sealed jars.We mixed and ate one teaspoon of the ground Artemisias with yoghurt.It does not taste great, but it's easy. I would like to tell you that this year (after 4 weeks taking 5 g once a day)) for the first time in 35 years my allergy(Hay fever)decreased by 98%. I attribute this to the intake of Artemisia. Eg the "poplar tree fluff"from the Rheinbäumen this year had no impact. When I realized that this year is different, I gave myself the "full allergy program" at once. I ate apples, cherries and strawberries all at once and in quantity and nothing happened. Usually I had a strong itching in my mouth, sore eyes and had to sneeze, and only after eating half an apple or a few strawberries and cherries. This year I ate many strawberries every day and the pollen had no effect. I have no other explanation than Artemisia. Actually, I have it only as encouragement or to support my wife - the cancer has and it was recommended by acquaintances - ate. Now I'm really glad I ate it.The strawberries were really good.
  A-5 FW from Münster wrote on 9.6.13: Hello Hans-Martin, in Hamburg I had told you that relieves the symptoms of her allergy to my mother Arthemisia. Grass pollen I notice now for about a week. Drink the A3 tea daily and it helps. Really a great stuff.
A-5: My friend drinks A-3 because of her cancer. Her husband drank a cup of A-3 tea every morning in solidarity with her. To his surprise, his food allergy lost to fruit! Tel. With H.Keller, Zwingenberg, 18.7.13
A-5: but I would like to summarize my experiences with Artemisiatee briefly.
I'm excited! In January of last year I ordered for the first time, on the recommendation of a colleague. At that time I had a mycosis in the digestive tract due to a high dose of cortisone therapy. I drank the tea for 4 weeks as instructed (4x / day). I noticed that there was no hay fever and that my years of intestinal distress due to food allergies became less and less. In the summer I got mild symptoms of hay fever and repeated the 4-week cure. After that everything was gone.
Since I have been getting mild symptoms of hay fever again for 4 days, I need Artemisiatee again. For the second intake I ate the herb with yogurt for the sake of simplicity. I can also apply that well at work. KH from Rutesheim, 25.5.2015

B-1 Daniela H. from S writes on 17.4.11: The effect of Artemesia annua is considerable and has impressed me and especially the Borrelia so far. Thank you for the effort, patience and work that goes into this way!
B-1Ms CL was infected by her dog, who had eaten the guts of a field hare and subsequently died, with bacteria of dangerous tularemia ("rabbit plague", rare in Germany, often in Russia and therefore available there vaccine). Only the regular intake of Artemisia led (similar to the Lyme disease ) to a significant improvement in the state of health. Maybe the Artemisia could develop an effective prophylaxis against such infections ("Ticks do not like Artemisia!", So also prophylaxis against FSME?). From Poland, a case was now known where the doctor prescribed the antibiotic minocycline and A-3 tea for a persistent Lyme disease , which led to a rapid improvement of the symptoms
B-1: Mrs. K.aus X writes on 17.3.16: My husband definitely has Lyme disease - obviously for a very long time. He takes the Arthemisiatee now daily in the high dosage. In addition, the neurologist has prescribed us Samento and Banderol. Overall, my husband is as good as a long time. He is still often tired, but has little pain and his polyneuropathy also seems to be on the decline. We are so thankful to God that in time we were able to find these wonderful gifts of nature!

B-1: Dr. med. B from Heidelberg writes on 20.7.16: Since the normal laboratory test ELISA and Westernblot is not very meaningful, I often use the Ellispot or Lymespot (although these tests are very expensive) to assess the situation. , Meanwhile, I prophylactically give all patients after the tick bite 1.25 g Artemisia daily for at least 4 weeks. If anxiety is in the foreground of a patient, I also treat with tetracyclines. But afterwards I have the patients drink Artemisiatee in medium / high dosage, ie 2 x1-2 deletedTL / day mostly over 2 to 3 months. After that I change and workwith immunotherapies. It's about the rail to kill the germs and to improve the track, the immune system.

B-1: HS from Oldenburg had good experiences with Artemisia tea plus self-made antibiotic. She writes on 26.7.2017: I took home-made, herbal antibiotic, Kardenwurzeltinktur and later the A-3 tea. He immediately created a feeling of "There was a light switch on" on the first cup. There were only two nights with a fever, two weeks with drowsiness and severe itching at the bite site. The redness of the bite disappeared slowly, I could counter the itching with rubs with apple cider vinegar. Recipe for Alternative Antibiotic (Source: Center of Health): 700 ml apple cider vinegar (bio, cloudy) / ¼ cup finely chopped garlic / ¼ cup finely chopped onion / 2 spicy, fresh hot peppers / ¼ cup grated ginger / 2 tablespoons grated horseradish 
2 small chopped turmeric roots (alternatively 2 tbsp turmeric powder) everything in organic quality and fresh if possible. Put all ingredients in a preserving jar and stir. Keep for two weeks in a cool place and shake daily. (I myself make three times the amount and get about 2 liters.) These were also used for the Lyme treatment.The liquid keeps very long even without cooling.The squeezed remainder can be used well as a seasoning in stews.) Dosage: Acute: 3x2 tablespoons daily.Preventive: 1 tablespoon and slowly increase to a liqueur glass full. If the mixture is too spicy, after taking a slice of orange or lemon suck; do not dilute with water.

 B-2  1. David and Heather Sharland 2006
Bilharzia: The incidence of bilharzia in Tanzania has reduced since malaria has been treated with artemisia tea.David had had malaria, and treated it with artemisia tea. When he returned to England on furlough, for the first time he had no bilharzia in his blood. anamed <>

B-3: Urinary tract infections: Enterococcus faecalis: No effect (MGaus Köln, 26.7.13)
E, coli: Effective (Martin Walter from W.)

B-3: For 20 years I have a chronic bladder infection, have constantly been given antibiotics that have harmed the intestine very much. Now I got thanks to good friends Artemisia, my bladder is doing very well. You are welcome to publish my letter because it's about helping people with natural resources. To my address: Charlotte Langner, Waldstr 9 73663Berglen / Steinach. 
I diligently pass on the tea. I was also in rogue wood.Have made according to your instructions, the Artemisia ointment and use it daily, once again thank you. 12/2010
C-1: From Orissa / India reports Dr.Med. Roelofsen :
Two sisters had Chikungunia fever, a viral infection that is really untreatable. It can lead to a platelet crash, then many die, and then there are pretty bad joint pain for months. After 1 week Artemisia treatment as in malaria, there were no more problems.

C-1 Friedemann K. from D. writes on 15.10.13: In my Chikungunya fever, which was actually diagnosed in the meantime in the tropical medical examination, provides.   After a fortnightly use of your A3 Tea, slowly recover. 

C-2--- lucy bradley < ,> schrieb am So, 3.4.2011:
I wanted to share with you that I have had some
wonderful success with using artemisia in my clinic this week ... 3 weeks
ago a lady in her early 40's came to see me. For 5 years she has had
chronic vaginal burning, recurrent bouts of vaginal thrush, repetitive
vaginal investgations and swabs for fungal infections, 7 course of
antibiotics and oral anti-fungals, poor skin condition getting worse each
winter, painful intercourse which has killed her libido and sexual
relationship with her husband, digestive problems (intolerances to wheat
and sugar), bloating, abdominal discomfort, constipation, lack of
cognitive function, headaches, very poor energy levels,chronic sinusitis
and generally totally fed up and worn down from this whole scenario. She is
being treated by a gynaecologist who has now put her on anti-epileptic
medication for the vaginal pain as the anti-fungals were making her
condition worse each time! Through the whole consultation I knew she needed
artemisia, her whole system is destroyed - her immune system, her nervous
system and her spirit. I gave her a lot of dietary advice, talked a lot to
her about what i think is going on in her body and how we can work
together to improve some basic things. I didn't know how she might respond
to the artemisia cos I know its pretty pokey stuff. I told her to take
1tsp/cup 3 times per day for the first week, 2 cups per day for 2nd week
and then 1 cup per day for 3rd week. Anyway she came back on
thursday and looked like a different woman! She no longer has any
sinus problems, no headaches, her digestive system has totally transformed
- she is having regular daily bowel movements, no pain, no bloating, her skin
has greatly improved, she is thinking more clearly, sleeping better, energy
levels have significantly improved, she feels loads more confident and
happy, she has begun having sex again with her husband and is enjoying it
without any pain AND her periods have significantly improved (no pain, no
clots, bright red blood instead of thick browny/red sludge [sorry!]).It is
my belief that this lady has a systemic candida/fungal infection which
along with the constant use of conventional drugs have killed all the good
bacteria in her intestines and severely affected her immune and nervous
system. It is thought that once the fungus gets into the digestive tract it
replicates rapidly and attaches onto the walls of the intestines with hooks
(rhizoides). The fungus continues to multiply and begins entering the blood
stream through small holes made by the rhizoides. Once in the blood stream
the fungus travels all around the body realising its metabolic
toxins and even gets into organs causing multi-system symptoms.
Additionally as there are small holes in the mucosa of the digestive tract
small food particles are able to pass through the membranes into the blood
stream causing food allergies (this is also known as 'leaky-gut syndrome').
This of course further lowers the immune system as the allergenic response
conitnues. good bacteria continue to decrease, fungus continues to multiply
and increase and the symptoms of the patient get worse and more
complicated. From one small fungus infection to a whole being experiencing
really poor health and much misery. It was hard for me not to cry during
the consulation as she has transformed in only 3 weeks after 5 years of ill
health. I have prescribed her a tincture of western herbs for the next 3
weeks to continue fighting infection and to begin nourishing her nervous
system, whilst also taking the artemisia tea. I cannot tell you how good it
felt to see someone improve so much. and she couldn't believe that it was
due to just one plant!!!! I felt so inspired and blessed. This work of ours
really is very important and I just pray we are blessed with much
strength and good health to continue.
God bless! love Lucie  Bradley, Forbes Lodge, Edinburgh Road, Gifford, East Lothian. ScotlandEH41 4JE

C-3 Perhaps of great interest is a woman who reported that she could cure her cataract by using Artemisia Tea as an eye bath, a cure that the local hospital could confirm.

C-4: CK from R. writes on 30.12 13
With Artemisia tea I keep my chronic chlamydia infection (in the vaginal secretions, proven) in check, this works very well. In addition, I'm currently doing the test, whether that also affects unicellular intestinal parasites (amoebae, etc.). It seems to work, so I keep going, consuming 50 grams in one week, that's quite a bit, but the dose seems to work. 

C-4: KE writes on 21.11.15 from Görlitz: I have really started my therapy two weeks ago and I just want to wait and see how it develops. However, it is said that Clamydia pneumoniae, intracellular pathogens that I have not been able to control for years and that have disabled me and suddenly with Artemisia, are steeply uphill.  

C-5: Pierre Lutgen reports on the effectiveness of tea from Artemisia annua against the life-threatening Chagas disease, which occurs predominantly in South America and is transmitted by raub bugs: Enferm Infecc Microbiol Clin.2016 Nov 21. pii: S0213-005X (16) 30317-2. doi: 10.1016 / j.eimc. 2016.09.011. [Epub ahead of print] [Activity ofArtemisiaannua infusions on epimastigotes of Trypanosoma cruzi]. (in Spanish) Berrizbeitia de Morgado M ,Cariaco Sifontes Y 2,Imery Buiza J 3,Lutgen P 4

D-1Ms K., who even uses Artemisia for arthritis (since then painless!), Was able to persuade her 11-year-old grandson, who has been suffering from incontinence since birth because of his sensitive bowel , to take the tea. Already after 2 days a clear improvement could be determined, which continues in the meantime. Many patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease (eg ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease ), but also with inflammation in general have confirmed the anti-inflammatory effect. Wound healing is promoted.

D-1 L. C. vom 27 July 2010 an HMH:
Conc. Colitis: Thank you so much for all your help. I got some Artemisia tincture yesterday. I had stopped all medication a week ago and by Saturday was bleeding quite a lot due to the colitis, Sunday and yesterday morning was pretty much the same, I took a dose of the Artemisia mid morning and this morning I am perfectly normal, normal bowel action and no sign of blood

Investigation: No more Heliobacter! Thanks to Artemisia! Your AS

G-2: René K. wrote us on 30.12.16 a real "stand" !!! The tea is already there ... The quality is simply over-1GK has recently been drinking artemisiate tea to prevent a recurrence of prostate cancer. Meanwhile, he has found that the values ​​of his diabetes ( diabetes 2, so-called childhood sugar) have improved significantly. Already 2 years ago, a development worker, who had been drinking Artemisiatee as a malaria prophylaxis or a woman in the waiting room of a gynecologist, who had received small artemisia bushes from us in the spring, reported similar things. Now we have received the following message from a development aid staff member on the topic of diabetes and malaria: "Has diabetes , and has used to inject himself four times a day." Since he has drunk a cup of artemisia tea every day and taken moringa capsules he has not needed to inject himself at all. His insulin levels have been completely stabilized ".

D-1: The local anamed employee AM writes from Uganda: (Source: Wilhelm F. 3/2011)
- We have therefore received positive response from diabetic patients who claim to be relieved.

D-1: For several years, we have been told about the sugar-lowering effect of Moringa and therefore about its use in diabetes . Sister HM calls the Moringa a standard therapy in Zambia against diabetes.(Source: Wilhelm F. 3/2011)

D-1 CV from Kassel writes on 24.1.11. By letter: Since 1984, I have type 2 diabetes that I treat with several insulin injections a day ... .. Artemisia tastes as bitter as the tablet with the drug amitryptiline that my doctor prescribed for my peripheral diabetic neuropathy ... (after several Auslassversuchen) .... Here's the result: The tea (5g / day) has the same effect as the tablet: A significant reduction in my nocturnal pain in the feet.

D-3 FW from M reported on 16.1.12 via email: Personally, I had a good experience with A 3 Tee. I first took it in Indonesia as prophylaxis. I also had no problems with traveler's diarrhea. After a short trip I had severe stomach cramps and watery diarrhea. I then took 4 cups of A 3 tea for three days and the diarrhea was gone. Unbelievable this tea. Before I took the A 3 tea, I also had experience with Swedish bitter. I thought there was nothing left to shock. But the A 3 tea is really scary. He really tastes incredibly bitter. But what does not kill us ...

D-4 EB from the Philippines wrote on 3.12.2016:
EB from the Philippines wrote:
Friday: A 14-year-old girl from our circle of friends fell ill with Dengue and becamehospitalized on Friday with 121,000. The value dropped rapidly in the hospital.  
On Saturday we tried it with (the usual) Tawatawa (Euphorbia hirta). No success.
On Monday, the value was 22,000.
Tuesday: Today's valueis now at 20,000.
I would like to now in this almost hopeless situationto theGrab papaya leaf juice .
We giveonce at 4 pm: 3Teaspoon of papaya-leafgreen juice (juice of papaya leaves without stems and without the large ribs in the leaf) and 3teaspoonLiquid honey,mix these two in a small mortar and then orally to the patient immediatelyenter. The honey becomes a pleasant "packaging" and softens the unpleasant.  
Result on Wednesday: It worked. From 20,000to 146,000 overnight. Marian was able to leave the hospital this afternoon.
My experience is to observe the effect of the small amount the first time, and then depending on the reaction the next day keep the dose or then add more or stop.
For laymen: Normal values ​​are 150-400 thousand platelets per microliter of blood. Anamed medicine at Dengue: Papaya leaves, Euphorbia hirta, Artemisia annua anamed.

E-1  Ms. A has needed a permanent catheter for 37 years because of a mistake in giving birth, which is why she often has cystitis. This suffering has now disappeared by taking the red cranberry and A-3. Also, Ms. JF suffered repeatedly from cystitis , which was treated with antibiotics each time. Since this treatment did not respond anymore, she tried Artemisia therapy. After 3 days she was healed. Similarly, several men independently reported suffering from a urinary tract infection. Interesting also that they were spared all of the rampant influenza in the college.

Background of an eight-month self-experiment is my eye disease, a wet macular degeneration (since about 3.5 years).So far, only extremely expensive injections of a Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) inhibitor, such as Lucentis, have attempted to halt further progression.My feeling was always that it is symptom courier, one effect was felt for a short time, the next input but also sure.Thus, the pharmacological effect of artemisinin and its derivatives in my studies also included alternative treatments. I have been particularly looking for another way to prevent increased expression of VEGF and thus to stop the mechanism of angiogenesis in the retina. The frequently described cytotoxic effect of A. on cancer cells as well as the effect on oxidative stress were additional important indications. All the in vitro results obtained in various publications were reason enough to expect effects in relation to this eye disease as well.Every day for eight months I harvested about 10 g of Artemisia leaves from my own vineyard and ate them fresh in 2-3 servings as a salad. The application has been documented by me but has not been evaluated yet. After a total of nine months after the last Lucentis injection in June 2011, the test results (dye angiography and optical coherence tomography) did not show any worsening of the disease last week - a further series of syringes was even considered unnecessary at first. In the first 3.5 years, I got about 12 of them.This good result, I now write the Artemisia treatment, there were no further support measures in this time. I would like to share experiences and similar results of other stakeholders before want to explore everything about the mechanism of action comprehensively and scientifically founded. Questions about which ingredients of the A. plant are mainly responsible for the effect, questions about the duration of treatment, optimal dose and supporting effect of iron II and certainly Much more should be clarified in this context.
  E-2: The native anamed employee AM writes from Uganda: (Source: Wilhelm F. 3/2011)
- My son had eye irritation for about 3years and the doctor recommended some eye drops but they did not help, so I made some artemisia tea and put some drops for 2 days and it cleared.

E-2: DA from K writes on 16.9.12: Dear Mr. Hirt,
in the last few weeks we have been intensively involved with the plant and its work
apart ... my daughter is 5 months old. suffering from toxoplasmosis with concomitant chorioretinitis .... last week we were with dr. cook in I. and since last Tuesday she is drinking 1 ltr every day. artemisia tea.
And continue writing on 16.10.12:. two weeks ago we received the information from the university hospital heidelberg that a puncture of the eye no longer had to be carried out, because the signs of inflammation have receded. so we had not expected at all,at the time, marei had drunk the tea for 2 weeks. I also passed on the tea to 2 people suffering from cancer.
And write on 26.11.12: The eyes of my daughter, since she drinks the tea, slowly but steadily better. Thank you. 

E-2 EL writes on 15.12.2013: 
I've got a question for you.My mother has been taking 5 grams of Artemisia powder every day for 14 weeks. Since then, there were no more bleeding in her eye! (wet macula). Can she safely continue taking it?

  E-3 EBV infection caused mononucleosis in AG. After using only natural remedies, he finally took A-3 and Moringa. The complaints have now largely disappeared. Because of severe headache due to the regeneration of the attacked nerve tissue, the A-3 / M combination therapy was temporarily interrupted. AG attributes the former reactivation of the EBV to a fungal infection. (Source: Wilhelm F. 3/2011)
E-4: " My girlfriend found out after tea that she does not enjoy smoking anymore! 
HS writes from Oldenburg on 26.7.2017.

F-1: anamed Sud-Kivu / Congo writes: Cher Martin, Vernonia amygdalina (leaf powder) remains a powerful remerdy for filariasis. One combined in equal parts with Artemisia annua thenyou may heal sevaral ailments including filariasis. 5 g from the mixtureinfusion into 1 liter of water. Drink for 20 days. just try! that I learned from you!Innocent BALAGIZI Karhagomba, Kivu University Center for Research (CERUKI) ISP-BUKAVU Tél (+243) 859442033/0972445477 
ibalagizi@yahoo.comP. 388 Cyangugu-Rwanda

  F-2: "Dear Dr. Ing. Hirt, the asylum-seeker is healthy the furunculosis was healed, now the tea is empty andafter 1 week, the first small nodules start again, how long can he drink the tea ... he may stay in Germany because he is so young and a training to become a mechanic, we are happy for him, I would like to continue the tea for him Maybe one day the nodules will stop "... by Bettina S. in O., email 1.7.14

G-1Mrs. Meier to Biesen. writes "But we encourage the farmers to grow Artemisia because the plant has a number of other healing effects." So Artemisia is also at
Stomach problems effective. In Sodo, people are not afraid that the medicinal herb will be able to do it soon
become ineffective. Elfinesh Achemo looks contentedly on the nearly two-meter high, lush shrub in her garden. "My family has been healthy since I learned how to make tea."

G-1Again and again, we find that patients with AIDS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, some types of cancer, etc. have and have pre-existing bacterial or inflammatory diseases , such as malaria, Lyme disease, pancreatitis, intestinal inflammation, etc. The pre-existing diseases and the subsequent weakening of the immune system can possibly help to treat the Artemsia successfully. Is this perhaps also true for Heliobacter or MRSA infection, which is increasingly causing major problems due to the increasing resistance to antibiotics? Anyway, an employee on the Anamed network reached the following letter: "Dear Mrs. Klabes, as I have discussed on the phone, I would like to tell you about my illness." At the beginning of December 2009 I had big problems with my stomach, pain, heartburn, flatulence etc. I went to Internist and got the gastric tube two days before Christmas Eve .. The doctor then had leave .. In mid-January I went back to the doctor to learn the result of my gastroscopy of before Christmas: gastritis and Heliobacter She prescribed me Zacpac (French triple therapy) and said I should take it in a week where I had no dates, it was a hammer, meanwhile, I had participated in an event on December 30th in B. where you talked about Artemisia After the lecture, I took Artemisiapulver with me and immediately started to take it in yogurt, a teaspoon a day .. In the middle of March I had to take the chair back to the exam bring it. In the meantime I had taken the Artemisiapulver every day, finally for 3 months, but did not even get the antibiotic from the pharmacy. The result of the Nerragend a fragrance of his same looks. Like always best goods. I am addicted to the taste like fresh mountain meadows hayFantasticAn absolute miracle cure for cold flu. Because I am a strong athlete and hard training sometimes depresses my immune system a little bit, this tea brings energy back into my body. Happy New Year and thank you.

G-2Meanwhile, there are also reports of the use in viral diseases (even with the "swine flu", norovirus, etc.?). Dr. H. writes: " The first sowing from your starter pack (2008) has been splendid and is growing well under our conditions (latitude 28, Atlantic island) . So far, we only have experience with influenza (even very severe forms!), Which were excellent
G-2 WS from Nettetal writes in the letter of 22.9.2010: As soon as I feel, it announces a cold, I drink with success Artemisia tea.

G-2: Antje B. from Wedel writes on 5.1.15: Since November I rinse my nose every day with salt water and cream then with A3 cream ein.und it goes with super good! Despite the cold I did not need any 
decongestant nasal spray, etc. And after trying out pretty much everything for 18 years, 
what's on the market, and nothing really helped.

  H-1 RD from R. wrote on Mon, 6.9.2010 to HMH: My friend, who was in Cameroon, has had some problems for years with an itchy, scaly and irritated scalp. She noticed that she did not have her medication ...... she made an artemisiatee in case of need, used it as a hair conditioner and scalp conditioner andNo problems during the whole stay ... She is thrilled!
H-1 - The 14-year-old daughter of SH suffers from very painful herpes infections , including in the mouth. Always after taking Artemisia annua anamed the symptoms disappear. (Source: Wilhelm F. 3/2011)
H-1 HB reports to Wilhelm F. 3/2011 that he has had very unpleasant rashes during chemotherapy after a testicular cancer surgery. These passed away immediately when he took Artemisia annua anamed.
H-1 I drink the artemisia annua tea at the time and notice he is antifungal. I am happy about this tea because it works !! against parasites and that's also mushrooms. I was diagnosed with vaginal thrush and I notice a significant improvement since I drink this tea. UB in Echo2016-06-06

H-2 WS from Nettetal writes in the letter of 22.9.2010: The daughter and the mother-in-law of my friend fought a stubborn shingles with your recipe. After one week, they were healed.

H-3 Ms AD wrote in February 2012: "Since the reports on the success of the use of Artemisia annua astonished me and also convinced me, a thought has come to me: In my cytological smear on the cervix the HP viruses of the high-risk group were detected , (So ​​far, no pathological effect on the body cells.) Artemisia is indeed in some cancers as successful and the malaria control itself is based on control of pathogens. Now it is quite possible that the active ingredients of Artemisia annua also inactivate the above-mentioned viruses, stop their multiplication or even destroy them. (Surely this is also the success of other cancers ??) "
And then wrote again on March 12, 2013: "From the beginning of February 2012, I will take Artemisia for two months. It took a while for me to smear again and then query the result. It's negative !!!! That means the virus has taken its leave and thank you for your information and support. "

I-1  9.11.09: Merlin Willcox: writes from his anamed trip in Kenya  The teacher Fredah has found that one infertile woman conceived after drinking Artemisia tea, and thinks it was the Aa tea that helped her to conceive!

-2: As an elderly woman, I have been suffering from incontinence for years. After drinking a cup of Artemisia daily for three weeks, the incontinence has virtually disappeared. Telephone call on 8.11.2016

K-1 I tried the Artemisia raw material you supplied as tea brewed (about 3-5g / day) and sweetened with honey and was amazed to find that from the second day of tea enjoyment no climacteric symptoms in the form from hot flashes, sleep deeper again and feel no side effects. Which ingredients of Artemisia always trigger and have not yet been explored ... With Psalm 111: 2 The deeds of the Lord are wonderful! Those who think about them will enjoy them. I wish you this great joy in exploring the creation act of God: "medicinal plants". Email from 29.9.14 by JR from W.

K-2 SDaus Zürich wrote on 15.4.16: My wife and I are trying to have children, but unfortunately without success. My wife became pregnant twice but both ended up with miscarriage. The doctors could not find a reason. Only they suspected that it might be due to endometriosis, but even if endometriosis was operated, there was no improvement. Even with artificial insemination, the embryo could not develop for more than a couple of weeks. Since you could not find a reason with standard medicine and we are hopeless, you could perhaps try with A-3 tea to strengthen our system and improve well-being. If any bacteria or cells threaten the development of the embryo, have we thought maybe this tea could help us? The same day HMHirt wrote :   Yes, it can ... at least we know of a couple in Ghana that gave birth to a child. Suggestion: Both 5g A-3 / day as in malaria for 3 weeks, then 1.25g as malaria prophylaxis for 6 weeks ... just a suggestion! After 11 months, on 15.3.17, we received the following letter from SD: We would like to inform you that we got a son last week. Right after we finished your suggestion therapy, my wife got pregnant. Last week she gave birth to a boy. We are eternally grateful to you, after many years of various attempts and even unsuccessful In Vitro you have helped us through a simple and effective method.
I-2: As an elderly woman, I have been suffering from incontinence for years. After drinking a cup of Artemisia daily for three weeks, the incontinence has virtually disappeared. Telephone call on 8.11.2016

K-1 I tried the Artemisia raw material you supplied as tea brewed (about 3-5g / day) and sweetened with honey and was amazed to find that from the second day of tea enjoyment no climacteric symptoms in the form from hot flashes, sleep deeper again and feel no side effects. Which ingredients of Artemisia always trigger and have not yet been explored ... With Psalm 111: 2 The deeds of the Lord are wonderful! Those who think about them will enjoy them. I wish you this great joy in exploring the creation act of God: "medicinal plants". Email from 29.9.14 by JR from W.

K-2 SDaus Zürich wrote on 15.4.16: My wife and I are trying to have children, but unfortunately without success. My wife became pregnant twice but both ended up with miscarriage. The doctors could not find a reason. Only they suspected that it might be due to endometriosis, but even if endometriosis was operated, there was no improvement. Even with artificial insemination, the embryo could not develop for more than a couple of weeks. Since you could not find a reason with standard medicine and we are hopeless, you could perhaps try with A-3 tea to strengthen our system and improve well-being. If any bacteria or cells threaten the development of the embryo, have we thought maybe this tea could help us? The same day HMHirt wrote :   Yes, it can ... at least we know of a couple in Ghana that gave birth to a child. Suggestion: Both 5g A-3 / day as in malaria for 3 weeks, then 1.25g as malaria prophylaxis for 6 weeks ... just a suggestion! After 11 months, on 15.3.17, we received the following letter from SD: We would like to inform you that we got a son last week. Right after we finished your suggestion therapy, my wife got pregnant. Last week she gave birth to a boy. We are eternally grateful to you, after many years of various attempts and even unsuccessful In Vitro you have helped us through a simple and effective method.

 L-1 Now those things are exciting, but we are also working with an Ethiopian who has an MS in medical research and has been working on leishmaniasis.  He knows that it can be cured by Artemisia, but he now wants to do research on using Artemisia prophylacticly.  He has been working with foreign NGO’s and had lots of experience in this kind of research.  Now he wants to branch out on his own.  Is anyone else doing such research?  He would like to use it on children.  Treating members of the same family (the children) all at once for worms, amoeba, malaria, leishmaniasis etc. and then having them take Artemisia once a week and once daily or not at all to see what works and what doesn’t over the course of 2 years.   It may be altered some, but that is the basic  idea.
L-2 I suffer from lupus erythematoides and drink the A-3 tea daily, with a small break in winter, and realize that I have more strength and joie de vivre again. Although I'm not allowed to go out in the sun, I spent a holiday on the North Sea and spent the whole summer "normal" with and in the sun. The best thing is that since then I can do without strong tablets! IK from S., email on 8.5.2011
L-2: Since I was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus last year, I went for specialist treatment and resisted recommended Quensyl. I found out about Artemisia by accident, since January I drink the tea and after 8 to 10 days my skin was healthy I continue to drink tea because of my sun allergy and observe the laboratory values, I like to share any changes with you.H..B from C., email 11.5.2016

L-2 Claudia H writes on 19.3.2017: I took 5g A-3 for 6 weeks for systemic lupus with scalp inflammation. My blood values ​​were then all in the normal range.
Now I have taken a break for 3 weeks from Artemisia tea. Now, after the 3-week tea break, the lupus breaks out on the nose and in the chest area with new places.

M-1Sister MR reported on August 11, 2010 from Tanzania:
I would like to tell you more about malaria here. Since the end of December I live and work again in Shunga. Shunga is located
about 1400 m high, in the N / W of Tanzania about 150 km from Kigoma away. The population here and, of course, especially the children are very affected by malariaand often do not get well despite Quinin. The first months I took Lariam as prophylaxis, gavebut it up, because it did not help anyway. The first malaria(always in the blood nachgew. Falcp.Par.) Was on 6.2.10, the 2ndon 5.3., the3 on 1.5.the 4th on 15.5.andthe next one on 1. 6.At the beginning of May I took Quinin iv., Previously Coartem or Duo Cotexin. Since I drink the A-3 tea (May), I actually (until the middle of August) no more malaria and at least every 5 weeks. My colleague here also drinks the tea and recommended it to me very much.
All the best for your work, sincerelyMR

M-1A missionary work in Lira / Northern Uganda uses Artemisiatee and since then Malaria has almost disappeared in the school of the plant . (Victory Outreach Ministries). The same message we got from a large orphanage in Burundi. Likewise, the owner of a metal processing company is thrilled there. Since his workers regularly drink Artemisia tea, the malaria malpractices, which used to be very frequent, have fallen to zero. He was able to significantly increase the earnings of his people.

M-1anne herion <> wrote on Fri, 15.1.2010: Dear ANAMED - Team, we are greeting you from Benin, where we live and work since 5 months. In a small village in the northwest of the country, Aledjo, we started working as a teacher at a "college" three and a half months ago. Against malaria we drink exclusively the tea from the Artemisiaplanze every morning. We are two 19 year old women and since then have had no malaria just because of the effect of the tea (unlike other volunteers not far from us who have tried to keep up with Malerone or Lariam). We hope you can do something with the info! If you have any questions, we are available by mail (Anne Herion and Nadja Hellmann from Weinheim and Heidelberg) (naming allowed !!!)

M-1: Die einheimische anamed-Mitarbeiterin A. M. aus Uganda schreibt: "We thank you and the anamed team for introducing Artemisia to us in Uganda .we have benefited a lot from this tea. The following are our experience with Artemisia:- We used to suffer a lot from malaria and would spend a lot of money treating it but all this changed when we started taking Artemisia tea frequently. It’s now 6 years since we last suffered from malaria.. - Artemisia tea has helped also a number of people to fight the continuous malaria attacks and now many people constantly buy Artemisia tea from us from many districts in Uganda.

M-1: HB from Rödinghausen writes on 4/11/2015 with indignation and complete lack of understanding, I have taken note of the blockages, which causes a bureaucracy, which seems to be completely human aid does not seem to matter. Thank you for the opportunity to order your extraordinarily valuable Artemisia Tea through the new organization. At the beginning of this year we lived for 5 months in the tropical rain forest in Cameroon. Not once have we had malaria. And this, although we had suffered a variety of mosquito bites. We attribute this success to her Artemisia tea and, of course, God's preservation.Please continue

M-2 9.11.09: Merlin Willcox: writes from his anamed trip in Kenya ---Fredah is a retired teacher. Interestingly her house is located opposite the local health centre, but patients come to her if they have heard her teach or if the health centre has run out of Co-artem which sometimes happens, and patients cannot afford to buy it from private clinics. She sells a course of Aa for 50 KSh but gives it to those who are too poor. She was told to stop using Artemisia annua by the Ministry of health for 2 months during the peak malaria season, but now they have relaxed and she is using it again.
M-2 A lady in Uganda made a very interesting study with workers on a tea estate. Tragically, this lady has since died, but the results of her work still stand! 100 workers drank half a litre of full strength artemisia tea once a week. 100 workers did not. Of those who did, none got malaria. Of those who did not drink the tea, the normal number got malaria

M-2beatrice gill <> wrote on Fri, 2.10.2009: Maybe you also know Bernhardt Meier from Welthungerhilfe Germany, who lives in Addis Ababa. He too is convinced of Artemisia.He told me that since he first took a cure with Artemisiatee, he never had malaria again. He introduces Artemisia wherever they have a wellbuild (especially in the Gurage area) and also planted himself. I always drunk Artemisiatee, if I did not feel so good - with success.

M-3 >I don't think I told you, but I have found it to be very helpful for my
>period. Please excuse the graphic details of the following comments but
>this it is important to share this kind of info! I have had 2 periods
>since taking artemisia everyday. i have had no PMT, no breast
>tenderness, no swollen belly, my bleeding started and stopped very
>quickly (shows that the uterus is cleaning itself out very effectively)
>and absolutely no blood clots (again indicative that the uterus is
>working properly and the blood is very 'clean'). I am going to look into
>this further. There is very little info about A.annua in western herbal
>books but a plethora of info on the web I'm sure. Lucie from Zimbabwe 8/2010

Die einheimische anamed-Mitarbeiterin A. M. schreibt aus Uganda: (Quelle :Wilhelm F. 3/2011)
Artemisia tea has helped some women and me to stabilize our menstrual cycle.

M-4TD reports that her "MS has stopped due to taking A-3. In particular, the persistent co-infections have completely disappeared. "After being treated for a long time against Lyme disease, it is suspected that it was actually an EBV infection that is latent and has caused MS. (Source Wilhelm F. 3/2011)

M-4 Our coworker Gotthilf B. reports from his acquaintance with MS illness, that he uses A-3 tea against MS for 3 years, first in addition to the conventional medicines, now he takes only A-3 tea against it and hardly has Complaints (Comment Hirt: In conservative medicine, medicines are used against the Epstein Baar virus as well as immunomodulators, which may be an explanation why the antiviral and immunomodulatory A-3 tea could be effective here) (Sept 2010)

M-4 Wilhelm F. wrote by mail on 18.1.12: I already said that the Epstein-Barr virus for MS should be responsible. I was wondering why the A-3 / Moringa combination has a good effect on MS. Probably has the same effect as in malaria prophylaxis, HIV and other glyco-envelope pathogens. We already know this with Lyme disease.

M-4 Bernhard M. from Berlin writes on 26.7.13: I would like to inform you that the daily intake of Artemisia all digestive problems (heavy flatulence often associated with migraine, constipation) - even on trips where they were the worst - practically completely eliminated. To what extent the course of my illness is positively influenced by the intake of multiple sclerosis is difficult to say, because I also take other medications, but I have a very good feeling.
M-4 Commentary Hirt: We still can not really say how high the chances of success of the Artemisiatees (a 6-week trial with 5g / day is definitely worth it) in MS really are and still need a lot of feedback on effects / non-effects, Thank you!

M-5 MASERN: Bindanda M`Pia reports from Kasongo-Lunda / RDCongo on 8.6. 2014: As most of our people here are not vaccinated against measles, or the vaccine was of no use, there are always major measles epidemics in our area called Kwango. People have now discovered that Artemisiatee shortens and alleviates the course of the disease, I did not have as much tea as people needed at one time!
N-1: Dr. L.Huizink writes from Benin on 11.6.11: Dear Martin, I'm always so happy about your enthusiasm. Did K. also tell you that it's over with the Artemisia in Sinendé? My super gardener had to close down his entire garden because he could not stand the competition of a Giga garden project for the women's groups. I have managed once a field with 100 bushes, but the effort was too big, as I will start again. So I'm looking for an African alternative.
N-2 EM writes on 15.5.2013 from Rwanda: 
I am a volunteer in Rwanda and have been recommended by my organization to take the Artemisia Annua Anamed tea as a prophylactic. Since mid-August last year, I took so every day 1.5 grams as a tea. I had no problems for a long time (ie8 months) .... In April of this year, I had continuous headaches, low blood pressure, general weakness, and body aches for three weeks since the middle of the month for three weeks. I visited several doctors, had malaria and typhoid tested, both of which were negative and had a large blood count. Everything was unobtrusive. Also, the background of my eyes was tested and this too was normal, no increased intracranial pressure or the like. A friend came up with the idea that it might be because of the tea and so I stopped taking him. Already relatively soon I felt better again. Last weekend I tried again to drink it and immediately felt the same symptoms again - headache, general feeling of weakness and body aches. In the meantime, I am sure that this is due to the tea.  
N-2 Michaela S reports on 14.1.15: But they also wanted to know negative experiences. 
On 22.12. As a precaution, my 22-year-old son had a larger birthmark removed and the subsequent suturing was apparently difficult and had to be repeated. And promptly the wound became inflamed and hurt badly. Since I did not want to apply the A-3 ointment to this fresh suture (the dermatologist's neck), I gave my son 4 capsules of A-3 300 mg in the hope that they would arrive. 
Only a short time later he vomited them and strangled him for another 2 hours, feeling poisoned by me and refusing to attend his birthday party. He was really bad for several hours. This is the only case among 10 people where someone has reacted so badly to nausea. All others could easily withstand the mild stomach problems.

N-2: PL. writes on 28.2.2018: Since 20.01.2018 I take 2.5g A-3 twice a day !!! The tumor markers fell after the first inspection, about 1 week after taking from 66.7 to 33.5, which showed me that it "works"! Unfortunately I could not carry out weekly checks, because my doctor everything for Nonsense holds! Now almost 6 weeks have passed and therefore I passed my blood tests at my own expenseAnother doctor, because I have the impression that my whole skin on the body is extremely dry and itches, but mainly on the forearms. The "whiteness" of the eyes is yellowish and overall the eyes are swollen.
GOT <35 standard values 111 [+]
GPT <35"189 [+]
GGT 6 - 42209 [+]
But now I urgently need advice how to continue, possibly stopping or reducing the intake? Answer: Stop therapy first to see if this liver hazard was caused by A-3 therapy? If so, discuss with a naturopath, at which dose benefit (tumor reduction) and this liver hazard can balance each other?

N-2 Dietmar (lung metastases). Writes on 9.3.2018: At the beginning of January I wrote you an email that I had to discontinue the A-3 because it caused severe nausea and nausea. After about 14 days break, I have again taken A-3. Slowly started and increased to about 10g in the morning and 10g in the evening. Now I can handle it without problems! I have two suppositions why it made me feel sick. On the one hand, I also took methadone at this time. I stopped taking methadone shortly afterwards. Maybe this did not work together. Also, I always mixed the powder under the food. Maybe it was not a good idea ...Now I always take the A-3 with tomato juice and tolerate it very well!
P-1The positive effect of Artemisia annua anamed is also reported by Mr. R., who has been living with the autoimmune disease Parkinson for 5 years . He has been drinking tea daily for 6 months. The disease was not just stopped. The condition of Mr. R. has even improved significantly. (List Wilhelm F. ) Comment HMHirt: The fact that malaria drugs could help in Parkinsonism, initially seems far-fetched. It is more understandable if you read the following article : h ttp: //

P-2 AS from Stralsund writes on 19.7.16: Dear Mr. Hirt, Today I received from a friend the reference to your above-mentioned herb. She had Pfeifer's glandular fever and with the help of her tea she was able to bring her blood levels back to normal.

R-1Since Mrs. K. suffers from arthritis, she tried the leaves as a tea herself and was able to stop the pain. I also suffer from osteoarthritis / arthritis and wanted to try it myself. My friend has sent me a pack of the leaves and I have been drinking a cup of it daily for about half a year. I'm excited because the pain really stops. However, I do it in self-responsible self-test, because the doctors do not know the plant and its active ingredient, or at best as an active ingredient in medicines.
  About me: I will soon be 50 years old and I do not intend to go into disability pension early. So the raw material entered my life at the right time. EK to HMH

R-1Something similar tells Mrs. H., an old farmer's wife whose unbearable pain in the feet almost completely disappeared (tea and ointment, also for the arthrosis fingers).
R-19.1.10 Hannelore Klabes writes: For myself, despite my 81st year, I am not only doing well, but very well. I think that's what the work is aboutArtemisia annua and the daily tasting (with occasional small interruptions) which stabilizes my immune system so that despite strong arthritis no physical restrictions on movementor feel inflammatory pain. For my family doctor where I check through the order once a year, it is always incomprehensible that I do not need any medication such as my Artemisia annua tea.  

R-1 (Fibromyalgia): MS from M, writes on 9.7.11 by email:
To my person. I'm 45 years old, still working 30-35%, but in recent years I've had to gradually reduce my workload from 80% to longer. Diagnosis fibro for 5 years, beginning but already about 2 years before, "creeping". In every person with a fibro the symptoms have different effects. My main problems are the pain, no (deep) sleep - and therefore a hardly describable tiredness. For some years I can not sleep anymore. At most 4 hours per night, and then not right, rather trance (I notice that I sleep, so I'm not really sleeping). With the years, the sleep became horror and almost unbearable.Every morning I woke upas tortured and bruised at the same time.Result: I have no strength and capacity. After 3 hours of work, I have to lie down. Events lasting several hours are virtually impossible. Evening events as well.Poor recording and concentration.Fortunately, I can do my work in small stages. I'm so tired and, paradoxically, I can not sleep anyway - which is known for Fibro. The body does not go down, the two nervous systems are completely out of balance. As soon as I'm in bed, I'm connected to the electricity, it "works" in my body. The body relaxes and does not recover at all. Classic sleep medi caused the opposite !! (Which, according to the doctor, can obviously occur in rare cases). Result: more pain. Now - for half a year I drink 2 cups of the tea daily. I believe that my metabolism and thus the poison excretion is promoted. Now I have many "good" nights, where I can sleep about 6 hours for my conditions. It's such a different way of getting up. Although, I am actually getting tired the day - since my body will probably take years to regenerate from the last bad years. I am far from being "normal", butI haveHope that even more improvement occurs. Even better nights and thus (maybe) a slow decline in pain.
I wish you much strength and blessing for your work.

S-1 Elke R. from H reports on 20.5.2011 on the phone that she has been suffering from psoriasis for years, has been diagnosed by a doctor, and medically treated without success. Then treatment with the naturopath, without success. Experimental use of A-3 ointment, now the itching is completely gone, only remnants of the rash are visible.

S-1Joachim S. from W. writes on 14.10.10: I would like to give you a short feedback, how the Artemisiasalbe helped me. I've had hemorrhoids and smaller fissures for a long time that often itch and bleed. My dermatologist prescribed two ointments for me. One with and the other without cortisone. The with cortisone already helps, but I notice that the skin is even thinner and bleeding even faster.With the Artemisia ointment I got a better grip on the story. Not that everything is gone, but at least better than the other salves.
S-1 Some very (and undiagnosed) skin infections have been treated successfully with patients trying it after spending all their funds attempting to get treatment that did not work.   Facial marks have disappeared, (possibly warts) and other things have really amazed us: We had our teeth cleaned recently in Dubai while there for meetings.  The dentist asked what we had been doing because he said we had virtually no plaque and no evidence of gum disease.  We didn’t think of it at the time, but we have had an especially hard year of amoeba/ stomach complaints and taken Artemisia more than usual.  We really think that it kills bacteria in your mouth that causes more plaque and gum disease.  If it were just us, we would have just written it up to good hygiene habits, but our son Doug who lives with us as a 34 year old retarded adult is not very good at remembering to brush unless we remind him.  We often forget.  He loves Artemisia and is our greatest advertisement for it.  He always tells everyone who gets sick that they need to take it.  He also had no plaque. 
S-1: Die Schweizer Ärztin Dr. L. H. schreibt aus Benin (email 9.6.11): Well, several older men in Sinendé suffer from an eczema of the palm of their hands. Artemisia ointment is the only thing that helps. My brother found that it helps tremendously against decubitus get (for instance from a wheelchair). When you are often in the field or in the bushes, you always some minor injuries, a never ending source of abscesses and ulcers, because flies come within seconds eating the tissue and putting dirt into it. Put some Artemisia ointment on the (superficial) wound and the flies will stay away, and the injuries heal super fast.
S-1Anne S. from St. Augustin writes: Incidentally, the artemisiasalbe helps immediately against itching in mosquito bites. 
S-1Anne TT from Bonn writes: My mother had visited the monastery festival with us in santa augustin and then became aware of her stand. 
she then brought me an ointment that was recommended by her. 
it is the "anamed" Artemisia ointment. 
Since I applied the ointment my skin on the face (I have rosacia) has become much better and the ointment helps much better than any other ointment I have been recommended or prescribed. I am almost now free to complain and would like to continue to use the ointment. I would like to know if I can order the ointment from you or if I have the opportunity to purchase the ointment elsewhere.
S-1  WD, 67, has been suffering from psoriasis vulgaris for 29 years , mainly on the lower legs. Until summer 2008, he alternately took the cortisone albums Daivonex and Daivobet ointment, but since then only Artemisia ointment with the same result. The complaints have declined to the same extent as by cortisone albums.
S-1Agnes Ziegelmayer reported on 7.9.10: The A-3 ointment helps against herpes on the mouth, I am very happy!
S-1 Ms Hillinger reported on 15.5.13: A-3 ointment last phantom pain disappear (after amputation of a leg after diabetes) and helps with troubled feet.
T-1:Die einheimische anamed-Mitarbeiterin A. M. schreibt aus Uganda: (Quelle : Wilhelm F. 3/2011)
- We had 4 diagnosed cancer patients who we introduced to the Artemisia for 3 continuous months and then tests showed that the tumors were gone - praise God.

S-1: B rigitte W. writes on 17.10.2011: Artemisiasalbe: I had planed something on a fingernail. The nail broke and the skin on the nail went back. First I tried Betaisadona, no success. Then I am a dermatologist. He scraped something off the nail and sent it to the lab. After 5 weeks, the finding was there. It was neither mushroom nor circulating. Then Dr. Suddenly send away, which I did not agree. He then prescribed tablets that are dissolved in water, disinfectants for bathing, no success. Then I took Artemisiasalbe. After a few days, the nail started to heal.
S-1: Claudia Köbele writes on 4.3.12: At the end of March 2011, we (my 6 children and I) returned to Europe from the Fiwagoh orphanage after a three-month stay in Kenya. ....... The scalp of the children was often affected by fungal infections, which responded very well to a combination of neem and artemisia ointment. Skin diseases are not only unaesthetic but sometimes very painful. So a boy told us that he could finally sleep again after 4 months ..... The booklet "Medical medicinal plants from the tropics" by the initiative Anamed (application of natural remedies in the tropics) is our Bestzeller and reference book No.1 become. We have benefited a lot from this knowledge and are still learning it. I've already started to provide our missionaries with this manual, as they not only can satisfy the hunger for souls, but they can also alleviate the physical ailments that confront them daily, as Jesus once did. I would like to thank you for the work of Dr. med. Thanks to Martin Hirt and his anamed team. They are a blessing to many people.

S-1: Germany : After various cardiac and other surgeries, HF had severe circulatory disorders , including in a toe. All the efforts of the doctors led to no improvement. Even the amputation was already envisaged. FK made him an Artemisia ointment and his wife made an ointment dressing. After 3 weeks, the toe was completely healed, the blood flow back to normal. (Source: Wilhelm F. 3/2011)

S-1: Jürgen M. writes on 5.9.12: 
Now to my experiences: In July I was with a friend on my boat for four weeks in the Stockholm area. Then the big toe on the left foot became inflamed, and after three to four days, I could squeeze out something near the nail that looked like pus.I could not have helped it any other than the one made by you in FebruaryTo apply Artemisia ointment. And behold - after three to four days the toe was fine again. That was a huge surprise for me and of course relief.

T-1 Bl. At MA, a very aggressive bladder cancer (G3) was detected in the spring of 2008 and a first surgery was performed. He immediately began Artemsiatee iron therapy (2 times in the morning 35 drops each Ferrosanol; afternoons and evenings 4 times 4.1 liters of tea from each 1.5 g dried A-3 sheets were surprisingly With the proposed additional surgery after 4 weeks. neither the initial tumor cells nor any metastases are detected, this condition has not changed so far, no chemotherapy or radiation was given.

T-1-Bl: Ursula B. from P writes on 11.5.2016: Thanks for the information, it would be a pity to not get such a great remedy. I had bladder cancer 3 years ago, vicious. For three weeks I drank the tea until surgery. My urologist was wonderingthe tumor had almost come off. No scar, no radiation and no chemo is not great. When I explained to him the plant with content Artemisinin, he smirked and said that this was not so and considered it just as Placeboefekt.

T-1-Bo: The German AS writes on 24.7.16 from Thailand: My stepfather had ordered the tea and since he drank it, only good results from the doctor, so no colon cancer more on the radar My plan is still to help the Thai in this regard, because a) do not like to give up their knowledge of nature, even if the policy is against it and b), there are many people living with HIV and cancer who have no chance of any kind of remedy, let alone chemotherapy. The 30 baht health insurance covers at most a few painkillers à la paracetamol and that's it. The suffering is enormous, the patients often squat desperately, with terrible pain at home and waiting for death.

T-1-Bo In scientific laboratory experiments, the destructive effect of artemisinin on colon cancer cells has long been noted. In addition, a positive effect on the effect of chemotherapy or radiation is possible (more effective, better tolerated). It has now been reported that an extremely fast-growing anal cancer by chemotherapy, radiation and an accompanying high-dose intake of Artemisia (tea, yogurt, etc.) shows a surprisingly rapid decline.

T-1-Bon Henning Papendorf writes on 30.12.16: Are there among your patients positive experiences in multiple myeloma? Unfortunately I have not found much on the net yet: v = UdruyyxXPmE pmc / articles / PMC2758403 /

T-1-B "Geert Flamang" <>:sure enough, I've seen effects of AA-tea in vivo. Just a single example: the lady mentioned in my e-mail hereunder (on which I got a reply from Wilhelm Forster) is alive and kicking after a verdict of breast and bone cancer 2 years ago. She drinks 4 cups of tea per day (5 gram per litre) since 2 years now. Her CA13-5 parameter was 71 in july 2008, 71 in august 2008, 25 in september 2008! It further went down over the months that followed. It was 0,6 in june 2010. You should see her now!

T-1-Le N.D. writes from St.Triphon in Switzerland on 17.7.2016: Dear Sir,I would like to order a starter kit of artemisia.
I have already ordered you some artemisia powder.One of my old student is suffering from leukemia, she cures it from more than 10 years with artemisia, and she is in FULL SHAPE! Her blood exams are NORMAL .

Lu: R T-1 .L. writes on 20.9.2017 My husband is currently in the challenge to spend the rest of his life with an inoperable tumor. It is very frustrating that fact. The tumor is called mesothelioma. It's the epididoid type, but unfortunately so overgrown with my husband that makes the operation impossible. Maybe my husband has to take a very unconventional path. Whether he has the courage to do it, I do not know. Maybe you have some encouraging pioneering tips. /// and then writes on 27.10.2017 ///: Grüezi dr. Hirt, I do not know where to start, everything is so fresh and I'm so happy to share this news with you. We have regained hope and stay tuned with the Artemisia-Moringa therapy. My husband had another lung control on CT last Wednesday. And today we had the discussion of the result. And you know what ?? !! the tumor did not continue to grow, even has a very small decline !!!! And this about 4 weeks after taking the Artemisia Moringa tea or self-filled capsules. Attached is the findings. My husband will continue to take the tea. The oncologist did not ask today if we 'did' something that the tumor developed, but attributed it to chemo. The last chemo was in late July ... 
T-1-LuMr. A, a heavy smoker, was diagnosed with a lung cancer that was already untreatable 1.5 years ago , with very little life expectancy. Since the immediate start of a 10-day high-dose A-3 therapy followed by 3 months of chemotherapy, he has since been drinking the tea at the low dose. The cancer has almost completely regressed.

T-1-Ne In tumors of the nerve tissue (neurogenic T.) we have so far found no direct effect on the tumor cells. The same seems to apply to tumors as a result of DNA defects, often in consequence of radiation and chemotherapy. Regardless, the other effects of A-3 often improve the general condition

T-1-Pa (Pancreas): Need Moringa again, So, it helps. Both the Artemisia and the Moringa leave theAdverse diarrhea of ​​erlotinib quickly forgotten and mineGeneral condition is really much better than without Moringa orArtemisia .: HH from N on 4.9.14 
T-1-Pr: RN from Kenya writes: I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer for a period of 6 months. They were due for an operation. For 3 months I treated them with artemisia tea and moringa leaf powder, and they applied eucalyptus oil to their private parts because they were swollen. Then one great morning, Paul and Mutua, came and said, "Hey we're thinking of coming and saying thank you ... ..we feel better and now we can even use our bicycles ... ..we invite you to come help our community by teaching about natural medicine. "(source: Wilhelm F. 3/11)

T-1-Pr: Peter U. from R. suffered from prostate tumor, despite irradiation and hormone therapy, the tumor marker deteriorated after some time. He writes on 17.10.13: Yesterday, my family doctor told me that since taking the tea my Immune system has improved dramatically: eosinophil function test (EFT) from grade 5 to grade 2. Lymphatic test from grade 6 to grade 2 and after nearly 2 months of taking the tea (he says he feels "healthy again" and wants continue to work full time despite upcoming retirement)

T-1-Pr: A patient writes in July 1017: I am a doctor myself and have, in addition to my work as a senior physician,I also advise pharmaceutical companies until I realized that this is not about people, but about the love money. On the current issue: I have a metastatic prostate CA (lymph nodes and bones). I have a chemotherapy and now get antiandrogens and zoledronic acid, unfortunately with the full force of significant side effects. It's not about extending your life at the expense of quality of life. That's why I made the decision to take your drug after I fell in the literartur. 
---- and then writes on 29.9.17:
Today I had a very long conversation with my oncologist. He did not like my decision not to take your remedy, especially since, apart from the metastases of the WS, some of which are subject to radiation, all other laboratory values, such as kidney, liver and sugar levels, have normalized. Also, the PSA value was virtually no worse under the sole plant therapy and remained in the hoped-for therapeutic area (data will be communicated to you given time). The colleague says that if I have not noticed serious side effects so far, Ithe therapy, in his opinion, should continue, and we could wait for the further course, since we do not know how the degree of metastasis would have been without your powder. He persisted in me and I compromisedI agree that I will take the funds until the end of November and await further development. After that, finalize, or continue.

T-1-Re: JH writes on 28.10.2017: I'm 45 years old and was diagnosed with rectal cancer (advanced stage) last year. Completely shocked and without any knowledge of alternative possibilities, I am so into the mills of conventional medicine, which has worked with pressure and anxiety. So in January 2017 I started chemoradiation. I immediately stopped the chemotherapy and did not finish the radiation. (The chemoradiotherapy should be preceded by the OP, so you can operate sphincter-preserving - so the statement of the doctors).In the meantime, I had tried to collect information about alternatives and came across Artemisia. Then I ordered the very expensive extract from the pharmacy and taken over 6 weeks. With the intake I felt fitter every day - I was not as good as long. Then I told the doctors, I think there is nothing left - they should investigate, because then I do not want the insane Op. The doctors told me it was still a T2 tumor and certainly cancer cells. They scared me and said, then the tumor grows through all the organs, etc. -This and the massive pressure of my environment have caused me to have surgery - with all the bad consequences. After the operation, the doctor told me that there was no tumor and no cancer cells left - you still operated radically - this means that the entire rectum is removed and 15 lymph nodes. I soon went crazy. Since then, conventional medicine has died for me - I do not do any conventional medical examination anymore. Today I am convinced that they deliberately misinformed me to force me into the operation - unfortunately I am privately insured. It was all about the money. The decision to surgery was the biggest mistake of my life. Fact is that Artemisialed to the complete remission. Since my body was extremely weakened by the 10-hour surgery, the stoma and the return surgery, I am now afraid of metastases. That's why I took the Artemisia Extract again for 6 weeks after the surgery. Unfortunately, this slowly exceeds my financial resources - my savings are almost used up. That's why I'm looking for a cheaper alternative to take Artemisia or grow your own. I know it helps - the effect is incredible - but you have to be able to pay it long term if you're sick.

T-1-S: AZ from Lippetal reported on 10.10.2016: A friendly naturopath from southern Germany is suffering from skin cancer. She had an ulcer on her leg and the doctors could not help her because the operation was too dangerous. So they prescribed radiation and tablets. These should cost € 8,000. We have her to the Artemisia -Moringa therapy advised. This has also consistently carried out. In the meantime, two weeks have passed. The ulcer is almost gone. She has no more pain in her foot and she is doing much better. Again, Artemisia and Moirnga worked wonderfully.

T-1-T: Mr. GM from V writes on 1.8.2016: " , sinceIn 2005 I had a surgery of a tongue cancer I drink regularly daily 1-1.5 liters of artemisia tea "and explained then on my telephone request that he could handle it. In contrast, his acquaintance with the same disease had taken the conventional route, lost 8 teeth, got after the operation, an irradiation of the pharynx, had to be nourished by the radiation damage 1 year lenght by probe ... because he would prefer the A-3 treatment and gentle ,

T-1-T: L.B. from Italy writes on Jan 2nd, 2015: Dear dott. Hirt,I read your web article about cancer and Artemisia. My father has a tongue cancer. He was operated in August 2014. He had half tongue and two lymph nodes removed. Now the cancer is back. Surgeons say that he can no more be operated and that he has to follow a chemotherapy and Radiation program.Before the beginning of Radiation Therapy, he started to take Artemisia Annua (three times a day after meals). We immediately noticed an improvement. The wound on the neck from which we can clearly see the cancer was no more irritated and no more pus was coming out the wound. Now he has to start with the Radiaton Therapy and I was wondering if there are contraindications with the use of Artemisia Annua. Do you have an opinion about that?  Answer:  We are very happy to hear from that improvement!!!!Honestly I would continue ONLY with Artemisia plus if possible Moringa, see attachment. In case the cancer diminuishes, maybe radio and chemo are no longer necessary? See attachment!Of course it would be the Best to find a doctor who is convinced of anamed and will every week monitor the patient to see if the improvement is quick enough or if there is any need to start with radio.Yes radio is stronger effectiv in the presence of artemisia and therefore it is important:-either to reduce the dose of radio, for ex 50%-or to stop A-3 treatment (not Moringa!) during radio.
T-1-Z: I ask for short-term delivery of Artemisia leaves. My friend takes it to keep his tongue cancer at bay. Although his condition is sometimes critical, Artemisia manages again and again to close the opening tumor and also to keep the fever episodes under control. Apart from the occasional violent pains, it has been possible for some years to achieve an approximately normal quality of life, MH from F, email on 22.8.14

T-2 Mrs. I. B reports on 13.3.12: Your Artemisia has also proven to be effective against toxoplasmosis (also Apicomplexa) (in the head) together with turmeric.

V-1 I have been thinking that I needed to write you about the other things we are finding about uses for Artemisia.  Farmers in very rural isolated places (this is not to say places with decreased population, just no medical care, no roads, not electricity etc.) have not had any medicine for their cattle and have been using the prepared Artemisia tea to treat their cattle’s diarrhea. Giving one liter of tea, drenched at one time.  It has worked and has greatly increased their desire to have the plant.  Others have treated warts with it. Using the fresh green leaves under a band-aid two times a day. They are almost completely gone in 24-48 hours!  S-1 I have prepared the hemorrhoid medication with Vaseline and that has worked for some patients, though they say it burns when they use it (hemorrhoids burn anyway, so I am not sure what they meant exactly), but they say it works.  Having some of the medicine left over and needing some medicine for rashes and fungal infections, I have also found that it is very useful for treating those problems.
V-1 9.11.09: Merlin Willcox: writes from his anamed trip in Kenya: ---Monica Khagoni is a member of the Salvation Army. She is a widow and lives in a village called Ingidi. It is about 7km from the nearest health centre, and they are often out of stock of antimalarial medicines. She has been very inventive in its use and has found it to be effective in many different illnesses including diarrhoea, typhoid, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, and has witnessed some dramatic improvements. She has also used it to treat her goats with good results! One of the goats, Osama (so called because he seems to be very tough, and has only one horn after a fight!) had had diarrhea for 3 months which was not improving in spite of several treatments by the vet. After giving it Artemisia tea, it was better in 2 days!
V-1 REAP in Kenya writes  (10.5.2011):Some of those we have growing Artemisia are showing very positive results with using Artemisia for their poultry, goats and even cattle.Artemisia is an excellent plant for companion planting.  The aromatic nature keeps away many insect pests and its form is very compatible with a wide range of crops.  It also helps control weeds including couch grass.
V-1: anamed-Congo Bandundu writes 5.5.2011: Warriors have successfully used the leaves of artemisia against hen plague.

V-1, email from 15.1.15: Veterinarian dr. B. from the veterinary clinic Ammerh. has had good experiences with the sieve residues of Artemisia cultivation (stems): For horses he gives with diarrhea or cough or fever, 100g per day.

V-1In animals Artemisia is already used very often, in cancers of dogs, (eg from a veterinary clinic in northern Germany), and in coccidiosis of rabbits and chickens (here very positive research results from Romania). In Vietnam, poultry farming was the life insurance of ordinary people, but the government called for the destruction of stocks due to avian influenza ... so Vietnam became again dependent on poultry meat imports from the US. Now the stocks could be rebuilt with the help of Artemisia protection! It is also possible to use it for Lyme disease of horses. The high price of the industrially isolated artemisinin makes the use in many animals unattainably expensive, here can self-grown A-3 the solution serin!

V-1 DearDr. Hirt, after reading the information that came with the starter kit, I have already been infected and have given my tea to a poor horse suffering from head-shaking. It got better with the days, then the tea was unfortunatelyall. Now the symptoms have worsened considerably again (ie without tea). The horse obviously suffers heavily from the summer heat (here: 27 ° C). The tea has not only tolerated it, but obviously waited for me to pour over the food. I have the experience withHerbs are made on horses so they can take them as long as they need them. WO from M, email from 24.4.2011

V-1 Sarah L. schreibt aus Frankreich: The first time I took the A3 I was very ill , so by security , in the same time i have took it , I tested it on five of my dogs , they have many health problems , I think because of ticks too, the results are fantastic on them too, one female had a very bad skin cancer , and in the following month it  's reduced a lot , after only 15 days with A3 .

V-1 Eszter dC in B. writes on 30.11.2016: My dog ​​is 9kg heavy, got the doctor after the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer first prescribed cortisone and should on the operating table. Then I started to give Artemisia Annua anamed, daily 2 large tablespoons brewed with plant parts twice a day into the food. Taking Artemisia for six weeks, two weeks break four weeks four weeks break and a third intake of 4 weeks. At first the dog worked like a dishwasher, it raged in him and he had to pee every half hour, in the first two weeks I cut out the cortisone. After that, the compatibility or the worst process was already over. The organism stabilized. The Unterzuckerungen became rarer and the dog could run again. Before that he would have to be carried. Now after 4.5 yearsit is still fine.